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Dead Rising 4 Update Bringing Street Fighter Outfits, Free Trial, And More - GameSpot

A free update is on the way for Dead Rising 4 that introduces some new content and features, as is an Xbox One trial of the game. Arriving on January 30, the update adds two new, higher difficulty settings. Capcom didn't share in-depth details about ...and more »

Dead Rising 4 is getting new two new difficulty modes and a timed demo -

Dead Rising 4 will receive two new difficulty modes, Hard and Ultra-Hard, upon its next update on 30th January. These will make the game more challenging as weapons will break faster and food won't restore as much health. Finishing the game on either ...and more »

Hilarious Street Fighter Costumes, Free Trial Coming to Dead Rising 4 - IGN

By Michael Passalacqua Dead Rising 4. will be getting two new difficulty modes and a Street Fighter outfit pack for free on January 30, Capcom has announced. In addition, starting January 31 Dead Rising 4 will be getting an hour timed trial for Xbox One.and more »

Dead Rising 4 update adds Street Fighter costumes and new difficulty mode - Polygon

Dead Rising 4's next update will deliver a set of Street Fighter-themed costumes for Frank West to wear, as well as two new difficulty modes. Available for free on Jan. 30, the update adds five Street Fighter outfits. Capcom-Unity didn't specify which ...and more »

Dead Rising 4 update adds new difficulty modes and Street Fighter costume DLC - Destructoid

Dead Rising 4 may not be that bad of a game, but it certainly is a terrible Dead Rising game. It eschews all of the hallmarks of the series to craft a generic open-world action title with little to no connection to the previous entries in the series ...and more »

Dead Rising 4 gets two free modes, Street Fighter duds, and a timed trial next week - VG247

If Dead Rising 4 isn't zany enough for you already, you'll will soon be able to dress Frank West up as Street Fighter characters such as Cammy, Zangief, Guile and M. Bison. dead_rising_4_street_fighter. The new outfit pack will be released alongside ...and more »

'Dead Rising 4' gets a healthy dose of Street Fighter style in latest update - Digital Trends

Capcom's Resident Evil 7 might be the zombie (or zombie-like) game on your mind right now, but you shouldn't sleep on Dead Rising 4. Frank West's latest adventure is certainly flawed, but it's also supremely goofy, and an update coming next week is not ...and more »

Dead Rising 4 Gets Free Trial, Customization and New Difficulty Modes - Wccftech

Capcom Vancouver sent out a press release with some interesting Dead Rising 4 facts. To begin with, players have killed over seven billion zombies since the game's release on Windows 10 and Xbox One, more than Earth's actual population.and more »

Dead Rising 4 update to add Street Fighter costumes and new modes - PC Gamer

Leif Johnson wasn't overly enamored with Dead Rising 4, but perhaps that's because it lacked the option to dress Frank West up as Cammy from the Street Fighter series? Such a thing will soon be possible thanks to a new update, landing tomorrow, that ...and more »

Dead Rising 4 meets Street Fighter in upcoming free DLC - Shacknews

Frank West continues to hack his way through zombies in Dead Rising 4, and soon he will be able to continue the slayfest with some new wardrobe additions. Capcom has announced that it will be releasing a free Street Fighter costume pack with five new ...and more »