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Trump's FCC Chairman pick Ajit Pai heralds a weaker, meeker Commission - TechCrunch

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai was elevated today to Chairman by the Trump administration, setting the stage for a more restrained and permissive FCC than under Tom Wheeler, who resigned last month. Pai has consistently opposed Wheeler and the other ...and more »

Trump's FCC Pick Doesn't Bode Well For Net Neutrality - WIRED

President Donald Trump has tapped Ajit Pai, the Federal Communications Commission's senior Republican member, to head the regulatory agency. The appointment, announced by the FCC today, does not require congressional approval since Pai is ...and more »

Trump's Telecom Chief Is Ajit Pai, Critic Of Net Neutrality Rules - NPR

Ajit Pai, the senior Republican on the Federal Communications Commission, will be the country's new chief telecommunications regulator. He's a proponent of limited government and a free-market approach to regulations. Pai's promotion within the FCC ...and more »

Ajit Pai, Net Neutrality Foe and Critic of E-Rate Policies, Named FCC Chair - Education Week (blog)

UPDATED. By Sean Cavanagh and Benjamin Herold. President Donald Trump has appointed Ajit Pai, a determined critic of recent decisions to overhaul the E-rate program and protect "net neutrality," to chair the Federal Communications Commission, ...and more »

Republican Ajit Pai named new FCC chairman - The Hill

President Trump is naming Ajit Pai chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Pai, a Republican commissioner for the agency, confirmed the decision in a statement Monday. “I am deeply grateful to the President of the United States for ...and more »

Neutrality fear over Trump appointee - BBC News

President Donald Trump has chosen Ajit Pai as the new head of the US Federal Communications Commission, the government agency which regulates telecoms issues. The appointment has raised concerns among internet rights activists that laws ensuring ...and more »

Trump names new FCC chairman: Ajit Pai, who wants to take a 'weed whacker' to net neutrality - Los Angeles Times

President Trump on Monday designated Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission and an outspoken opponent of new net neutrality rules, to be the agency's new chairman. Pai, 44, would take over for Tom Wheeler, ...and more »

Trump appoints Pai to head FCC and beat-down net neutrality - ZDNet

To no one's surprise, President Donald Trump immediately struck at net neutrality. He stuck his blow by appointing long-time net neutrality adversary Ajit Pai as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). net neutrality internet cord.and more »

Trump's new FCC chairman Ajit Pai is going to dismantle Net Neutrality - VentureBeat

President Trump has appointed Ajit Pai as the next FCC chairman. Pai, a commissioner appointed by Obama in 2012, voted against outgoing chairman Tom Wheeler's Net Neutrality order in 2015. Still, the order to classify broadband internet as a public ...and more »

Trump Promotes Neutrality Opponent Ajit Pai to Lead FCC -

President Donald Trump promoted a critic of net neutrality on Monday to chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, the agency responsible for enforcing those regulations. In a statement, Ajit Pai, a telecommunications lawyer whom President ...and more »