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The DeanBeat: 10 predictions for games in 2017 - VentureBeat

Every year I make wildly inaccurate predictions about the future of games, and that time has come again. I go through this exercise not only to suffer great embarrassment, but but also to sharpen my thinking by looking back over the years in an attempt ...and more »

With Nintendo's Switch Game Console, New Ideas Create New Experiences - Fast Company

Even in the era of Super Mario Run, Nintendo is serious about pursuing its own vision and building its own hardware. Here's why. With Nintendo's Switch Game Console, New Ideas Create New Experiences. The Nintendo Switch's 1-2-Switch Table Tennis game ...and more »

Want to Buy the Nintendo Switch In India? You Need to Read This First - NDTV

While Nintendo may have stated that there won't be supply issues for the Nintendo Switch, don't expect it in India any time soon. Well, at least officially. At the company's Nintendo Switch event it highlighted that a handful of countries will be ...and more »

The Nintendo Switch won't kill the 3DS - Polygon

When Nintendo first revealed its new handheld-home console hybrid system, the Switch, I was convinced that it was more than a replacement for the Wii U: It would take the place of Nintendo 3DS, too. After going hands-on with the Switch last week ...and more »

Nintendo Considering Video Streaming Services on Switch Post-Launch - IGN

By Andrew Goldfarb Nintendo has confirmed that while video streaming services will not be on Switch at launch, they haven't been ruled out for the future. A Nintendo representative provided the following statement to IGN: "All of our efforts have gone ...and more »

You can still get a Nintendo Switch pre-order if you're quick - The Sun

IF YOU want a Nintendo Switch, you'll need to get your pre-order in as soon as possible. You can already put your name down for one of Nintendo's next consoles, so if you want one, you'll need to know where to get the best deal. NETWORK ERROR. Cannot ...and more »

Nintendo Answers (And Avoids) Our Switch Questions - Kotaku

The Switch won't have Netflix or any other video apps at launch, but it will have a Mii Maker app. No video capture, sad to say. Last week, just after the Switch event, we sent Nintendo a bunch of questions about their new hardware, which launches on ...and more »

How Virtual Console Could Make The Switch A Must-Own - Kotaku

Nintendo has yet to say anything about how the Switch will approach classic games, which means there's still hope that they won't screw it up. Very slight hope. But we'll take what we can get. Historically, Nintendo's Virtual Console—a service for ...and more »

What You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch's Garbage Graphics - Gizmodo

The Nintendo Switch looks like it might be complete weaksauce when compared to the best consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But the real question is: does that even matter? Probably not. Reports are suggesting the Switch will barely churn out 1080p ...and more »

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last Nintendo game for Wii U - Polygon

Not even four-and-a-half years after launch, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the final first-party title to come to the system. This was confirmed by Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, who spoke to Polygon following the Switch ...and more »