A Farewell to Wii U, the Game System for Nobody - WIRED

Sure, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild there's one more high-profile game coming to Wii U. But Nintendo is also releasing the new Zelda for its upcoming new console, Nintendo Switch. And it's not even promising that the game will be there ...and more »

Nintendo Switch uses Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC, clock speeds outed - Ars Technica

The Nintendo Switch—the hybrid portable games console/tablet due for release in March 2017—will be powered by Nvidia's older Tegra X1 SoC and not its upcoming Tegra X2 "Parker" SoC as initially rumoured. The use of Tegra X1, which also powers the ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Runs Significantly Slower When Not in Its Dock - IGN Africa

Leaked specs of the Nintendo Switch point to some sacrifices in power when the console is taken out of its dock. A report from Eurogamer, sourcing from and adding to news from a VentureBeat report, shows the graphical processing unit on the Switch ...and more »

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We're learning more about the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch today, though folks who are hoping that it'll be able to challenge the Xbox One or PS4 may not be pleased to hear it. A new report from Digital Foundry is shedding some light on the ...and more »

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Above: Nintendo Switch should be able to handle the base code for games that originated on other platforms. Image Credit: Nintendo. Nintendo continues to play with our emotions. The company has yet to outright state if its upcoming console, Switch ...and more »

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