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OnePlus 5 owners are reporting a “jelly” effect when scrolling -

OnePlus 5 owners have begun reporting a very particular issue, one that may be difficult to notice at first. When scrolling on a web page or Twitter feed, you may be able to notice that some of the contents of the feed may take a little longer to catch ...and more »

OnePlus 5 jelly effect is natural, the company says -

Earlier today we told you about how some OnePlus 5 owners have noticed a 'jelly effect' on the screen when scrolling. This issue is a bit difficult to describe, but what it basically amounts to is that when you're scrolling some parts of the content of ...and more »

Confirmed: OnePlus 5's Display is Inverted – Likely Causes Jelly Scrolling - XDA Developers (blog)

A widely circulating theory on the official OnePlus forums, Reddit's /r/OnePlus, and our very own forums is now confirmed: OnePlus mounted the display panel upside-down on the OnePlus 5. While we have yet to directly link the display panel orientation ...and more »

OnePlus 5 Doesn't Adjust Stereo Audio Recording Channels, Users Report - NDTV

OnePlus 5 issues have been cropping up one after the other ever since it launched two weeks ago. The smartphone was reported to experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and was later even described to have a 'jelly scrolling effect' while browsing the Web ...and more »

OnePlus says 'jelly' scrolling effect on OnePlus 5 is normal - The Verge

OnePlus' latest flagship phone has gotten critical acclaim for its fast performance and clean software, but some owners of the new device have complained about a weird jelly-like effect that shows its face when scrolling through an app. It's something ...and more »

OnePlus 5 Has a Very Weird Problem - Tom's Guide

The OnePlus 5 has a strange problem that the company says is perfectly normal. OnePlus 5 Review: A Midrange Masterpiece. Error loading player: No playable sources found. Sporting a gorgeous 5.5-inch AMOLED screen, dual rear cameras, specs that ...and more »

OnePlus is Aware of the Jelly Scrolling Effect Some OnePlus 5 Owners are Reporting - XDA Developers (blog)

With the release of any new smartphone, we quite frequently receive reports about potential hardware or software issues that the Quality Assurance (QA) team may have missed. This occurs because issues that may be present in a small batch of smartphones ...and more »

The OnePlus 5's display is mounted upside-down, possibly the cause of 'Jelly Scrolling' - 9to5Google

Over the past day or so an issue with the OnePlus 5 has hit the headlines — “Jelly Scrolling.” While it's not a deal breaker for some, it's causing many to contemplate returning the device until it's been fixed. Unfortunately, it looks like that won't ...and more »

OnePlus States the OnePlus 5's Jelly Scrolling Effect is Not a Defect - XDA Developers (blog)

Yesterday, we published an article about a peculiar issue some OnePlus 5 owners were reportedly having: a jelly-like scrolling effect. We informed you of the various theories that were circulating around the web as to what may have been causing this ...and more »

Copying the iPhone is what caused the serious OnePlus 5 screen issue - BGR

After various OnePlus 5 buyers complained about an unexpected display issue on their brand new phone, OnePlus responded that nothing is wrong with the screen — hardware or software — and said the jelly effect when scrolling is “natural.” We scoffed ...and more »