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OnePlus 5 jelly effect is natural, the company says -

Earlier today we told you about how some OnePlus 5 owners have noticed a 'jelly effect' on the screen when scrolling. This issue is a bit difficult to describe, but what it basically amounts to is that when you're scrolling some parts of the content of ...and more »

OnePlus 5 owners are reporting a “jelly” effect when scrolling -

OnePlus 5 owners have begun reporting a very particular issue, one that may be difficult to notice at first. When scrolling on a web page or Twitter feed, you may be able to notice that some of the contents of the feed may take a little longer to catch ...and more »

OnePlus 5 stereo recording doesn't invert, and that's bad - SlashGear

OnePlus just can't seem to catch a break. Which isn't exactly surprising considering how they themselves painted a large target on their back by boasting about being the flagship killer and never settling for anything less. Although less egregious than ...and more »

OnePlus 5's Jelly Scrolling Issue Could Be The Work Of An Upside-Down Screen - Tech Times

Critics and common folk alike have said several things — both great and not so great — about the OnePlus 5, OnePlus's most recent flagship device after the 3T in November. Most are impressed by the device's top-tier internals, but found the camera ...and more »

The OnePlus 5's 'jelly scrolling' issue just won't go away - TrustedReviews

Last week, some owners of the new OnePlus 5 began reporting issues with the device's display whereby text became bunched up when scrolling. The resulting effect led to the problem being dubbed the 'jelly scrolling' effect, as the display on some models ...and more »

OnePlus says 'jelly' scrolling effect on OnePlus 5 is normal - The Verge

OnePlus' latest flagship phone has gotten critical acclaim for its fast performance and clean software, but some owners of the new device have complained about a weird jelly-like effect that shows its face when scrolling through an app. It's something ...and more »

OnePlus 5 'jelly scrolling' is natural, says OnePlus - The INQUIRER

ONEPLUS HAS denied that there is an issue with its new flagship Oneplus 5 handsets after users reported a 'jelly scrolling' effect on the screen. Some had speculated that there was a variance between screens on different batches of devices or that some ...and more »

OnePlus's Response To The One Plus 5's Jelly Screen Highlights The Company's Poor Record On Customer Service - Tech Times

Some owners of the OnePlus 5 have encountered a major problem with the device. Rather than offer a fix, OnePlus denied there is a problem. Several users of the OnePlus 5 have reported that when scrolling through apps, the phone's screen displays a ...and more »

OnePlus 5 'Jelly Effect' Due to Upside Down Placement of Display? - NDTV

The recently launched OnePlus 5 has been in the news this week for a 'jelly scrolling' issue that some of its users have reported. Early adopters of the device noticed a jelly-like warping effect when scrolling through webpages and apps like Twitter ...and more »

OnePlus dismisses OnePlus 5's jelly scrolling effect as 'normal' behavior - Android Authority (blog)

OnePlus has officially responded to the controversy surrounding the odd jelly-like scrolling effect on some OnePlus 5 devices: this “subtle visual effect” is simply “natural.” Despite having been one of the most anticipated devices of the year, the ...and more »