Psychological 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change, study suggests - Science Daily

Date: January 22, 2017; Source: University of Cambridge; Summary: Misinformation on climate change can psychologically cancel out the influence of accurate statements. However, if legitimate facts are delivered with an "inoculation" -- a warning dose ...and more »

Team develops 'Fake News Vaccine'– too little too late - RedOrbit

Inoculation is generally thought of as a technique designed to protect the body from invading viruses, but some research has shown that same technique can also be translated to protect against misinformation. In a new study published in the journal ...and more »

'Psychological Vaccine' May Protect Against Fake News, Alternative Facts - Forbes

In a well-timed paper from three universities in England and the U.S., researchers lay out a strategy for “inoculating” the public against the fake news and alternative facts that have been rampant in recent history. They dub the method “psychological ...and more »

Fake news' power to influence shrinks with a contextual warning, study finds - TechCrunch

Research conducted by social psychologists at Cambridge University in the UK, and Yale and George Mason in the US, offers a potential strategy for mitigating the spread of misinformation online — involving the use of pro-active warnings designed to ...and more »

Cambridge scientists consider fake news 'vaccine' - BBC News

The appearance of fake news on websites and social media has inspired scientists to develop a "vaccine" to immunise people against the problem. A University of Cambridge study devised psychological tools to target fact distortion. Researchers suggest ...and more »

We've found a 'vaccine' for fake news. Wait! No, we really are Cambridge researchers - The Register

Researchers at Cambridge University believe a psychological "vaccine" could help prevent the spread of "fake news" - in a study that on the face of it might also pass for a bogus story. The research found that by pre-emptively exposing readers to a ...and more »

Fake News 'Vaccine' May Help Provide Immunity Against Misinformation Spreading On Facebook - Tech Times

Amid proliferation of fake news on social media and the internet, researchers developed a psychological tool to fight misinformation. How does it work? ( Sion Touhig | Getty Images ). Advertisement. The proliferation of fake news on social media ...and more »

Psychologists say they can inoculate people against fake news -

Researchers have found that there may be a way to vaccinate people against climate change misinformation. The key? Telling them lies. A team of psychologists from the University of Cambridge, Yale University and George Mason University studied the ...and more »

Psychological 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change - EurekAlert (press release)

In medicine, vaccinating against a virus involves exposing a body to a weakened version of the threat, enough to build a tolerance. Social psychologists believe that a similar logic can be applied to help "inoculate" the public against misinformation ...and more »

Fake News 'Vaccine' Could Stop Spread of False Information - Live Science

It might be possible to prevent people from falling prey to fake news by "inoculating" them with warnings that false information is out there, new research suggests. In an online study, scientists warned people about the type of misinformation they ...and more »