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Valve says goodbye to Steam Greenlight, hello to “Direct” publishing - Ars Technica

Soon, anyone with paperwork and a fee payment will be able to sell on Steam. Kyle Orland - 2/10/2017, 11:08 AM. Steam Greenlight as it looked at launch in 2012. Steam · reader comments. Share this story. Nearly five years after Steam Greenlight was ...and more »

Steam Direct will soon let any developer sell their game on Valve's platform -

PC gaming storefront Steam is abandoning its Greenlight scheme in favour of a new system called Steam Direct. Currently, Greenlight lets Steam users vote on which games are listed on the service. Steam Direct will allow any developer to directly upload ...and more »

Steam Greenlight shutting down to make way for Steam Direct - SlashGear

It would appear that the days of Steam Greenlight are numbered. Many PC gamers who have used Steam for the past few years will be familiar with Greenlight, which allows Steam users to vote on independent games that are looking to get a listing on Steam ...and more »

Valve Ending Steam Greenlight, Replacing It With Steam Direct - IGN

By Seth G. Macy Valve is putting an end to its Steam Greenlight program later this year. In its place, Valve is introducing a new service called Steam Direct. Steam Direct is "a new direct sign-up system for developers" seeking to put games on Steam. A ...and more »

Steam Direct is better than Greenlight, but the size of its fee will make or break it - PC Gamer

The pros and cons of Steam Direct, and why the fee shouldn't be too high. Comments. Shares. Steam Greenlight sucks as a way to decide what goes on Steam. It makes earnest developers pay to engage in a popularity contest that's easily gamed, and so I'm ...and more »

Indie devs aren't happy with Steam Greenlight replacement - Polygon

Developers are speaking out against Steam Direct, which Valve plans to launch later this spring as its new game submission system. After the company announced that the replacement for Steam Greenlight will likely come with higher developer fees than ...and more »

Steam's upcoming pay structure won't help devs or players - Polygon

The Steam Greenlight system, where players vote on which games make it onto Steam, is going away. The replacement involves a more straightforward method of paying for inclusion. The new system — Steam Direct — is simple: You pay Valve money ...and more »

Valve kills Steam Greenlight – here's why it matters - The Guardian

Market-dominating PC game store Steam is ending the X Factor-style voting system it has used for the past five years to decide which independent developers can sell on the storefront. Valve, the company behind Steam, will replace the programme with a ...and more »

Steam opens up with Steam Direct - OS News

When we consider any new features or changes for Steam, our primary goal is to make customers happy. We measure that happiness by how well we are able to connect customers with great content. We've come to realize that in order to serve this goal we ...and more »

Steam Greenlight is about to be dumped - Polygon

Valve is set to drop its Steam Greenlight system — which allows customers to vote on small-scale and fledgling projects — in favor of a more streamlined system. Greenlight will be canned this spring and replaced with Steam Direct. Greenlight was ...and more »