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The Renault RS 2027 Vision could be the F1 car of the future - Engadget

Renault sees more power, less weight, and an increased focus on safety.At this week's Auto Shanghai, French automaker and Formula 1 factory team Renault revealed their idea of Formula 1's future, the R.S. 2027 Vision. It takes the three main focus ...and more »

Marvel at Renault's self-driving RS 2027 F1 concept car -

Behold Renault's vision for the future of racing. At the Shanghai Motor Show, the car company unveiled its RS 2027 vision for Formula 1 with a greater focus on drivers, safety and hybrid technology. At the heart of this is Renault's "more spectacular ...and more »

Renault's RS 2027 Vision F1 concept car has a 3D printed cockpit - (blog)

Apr 20, 2017 | By Benedict. French automaker Renault has used this week's Auto Shanghai event in China to showcase the R.S. 2027 Vision, a concept for a future Formula 1 car. The entire cockpit of the car is 3D printed. Earlier this year, we heard that ...and more »

Renault imagines the Grand Prix car of 2027 - Ars Technica

This is Renault's idea of the Grand Prix car of 2027. Lionel Koretzky. It's recognizable as a Formula 1 car. The car in the background is Renault's RS01 from 1977. Lionel Koretzky. A polycarbonate cockpit canopy protects the driver's head against ...and more »

Renault's RS 2027 concept is an upsettingly realistic take on the future of F1 - The Verge

The auto manufacturers and teams of Formula One pour a lot of money into the sport, so every now and then they like to try and wow everybody with their vision of where F1 is headed. They're often outlandish, always a bit weird, and I love them. The ...and more »

Renault looks to the future of racing with RS 2027 Vision - New Atlas

Renault has let its designers run wild ahead of Auto Shanghai, and the result is the eye-catching R.S. 2027 Vision, a look at where Formula 1 might be in (you guessed it) 2027. Although it still requires a human driver, virtually everything else about ...and more »

The future of F1, designed by Renault - Yanko Design - Form Beyond Function

We may be having an open cockpit this year at the F1 races, but from the looks of it the next decade is going to show a transition towards closed cockpits. The designers at Renault definitely seem to be working towards that direction and they made that ...and more »

2027 Renault F1 Concept Is A Driver-Focused Hybrid - UK

The French car manufacturer used the Shanghai motor show to unveil its concept R.S. 2027 — a 600-kg closed-cockpit car that produces 1,340 hp to deliver a power-to-weight ratio never seen before in the sport. A four-wheel drive car, with four-wheel ...and more »

Shanghai Auto Show 2017: Renault Explores Future Of Formula 1 With New RS 2027 Concept -

The 2017 Shanghai Auto Show has commenced and automakers from across the world have brought in some of the most exciting products and concepts this year. French car manufacturer Renault, in particular, has showcased the company's vision of ...and more »

Renault's RS 2027 Vision F1 Concept Is The Wacky Light-Up Fan-Centric Future We Need - Jalopnik

Renault wanted to demonstrate their long-term commitment to staying in Formula One with a cool concept of what they envision for the series' future. Their Renault RS 2027 Vision promises to be safer, faster, friendlier for the environment and more fun ...and more »