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Trump Brought the War on Women Mainstream in His First 100 Days - Mother Jones

When a video of Donald Trump boasting about grabbing women “by the pussy” leaked a month before the 2016 presidential election and his party seemed on the cusp of rejecting him, onlookers wondered whether his apparent admission of sexual assault might ...and more »

Missouri budget amendment would 'decimate' system of family planning clinics, providers say - St. Louis Public Radio

Clinics that provide contraception and checkups for about 70,000 uninsured Missouri women may lose state funding next fiscal year, if they give patients information about abortion. An amendment in the state budget, expected to be finalized next week ...and more »

CMP Releases Another Video Exposing Planned Parenthood - The New American

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has not been deterred by legal efforts to stop the group's agenda to expose Planned Parenthood and its executives. On April 26, CMP revealed another video, this one featuring the Planned Parenthood executive known ...and more »

Here's What Trump Has Done For Women In His First 100 Days - Huffington Post

In his first 100 days in office, President Donald Trump and his team have spent a lot of time trying to convince Americans that they're hard at work improving the lives of women. Just this week, White House advisor Ivanka Trump told a crowd in Germany ...and more »

Planned Parenthood President: 'I Take No Joy In Our Popularity' Under Trump - Huffington Post

WASHINGTON ― Planned Parenthood is more popular than it has ever been in the face of relentless attacks from Congress and state legislatures that constantly remind women of what they have to lose. Donations to the family planning provider have ...and more »

Planned Parenthood clinics are shutting down left and right… but we can't celebrate yet - Lifesite

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 27, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A new analysis of Planned Parenthood's last 10 years of annual reports shows that it is losing clients, closing facilities and dramatically reducing health services, but it continues to increase ...and more »

Women Will Fight Trump's Agenda for the Next 100 Days Too -

For nearly 100 days, the Trump administration has targeted women, with low-income women and women of color in the bull's-eye. Many of us have been outraged by the cuts to funding for childcare, health care, and children's nutrition programs, as well as ...and more »

Senator Patty Murray Breaks Down What You Need to Know About Congressional Attacks on Planned Parenthood - Allure Magazine

If Congress doesn't pass a continuing resolution (CR) by midnight on Friday to continue funding the government at the same levels as last year, the U.S. will once again be looking at a government shutdown. The latest news on the budget negotiations is ...and more »

Trump's First 100 Days In Office Were A Disaster For Women - Refinery29

While on the campaign trail, President Trump said "there's nobody that has more respect for women" than him. But now, three months into his presidency, it's clearer than ever that his policies don't protect women. Trump completely failed women in his ...and more »

Trump's 100 days brought a looming disaster for women's rights - Mic

The 2016 campaign cycle might be best remembered for the intensity with which misogyny was unleashed into the national political discourse. President Donald Trump's shameful views on women arose throughout the campaign. Just look at the things he ...and more »