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This fish's opium-like venom could lead to new pain medications - ResearchGate (blog)

Fang blennies are a tropical fish that won't be intimidated, injecting predators and competitors alike with venom released from two long teeth on their lower jaw. New research reveals that rather than stunning foes with a jolt of pain, the venom acts ...and more »

This timid little fish escapes predators by injecting them with opioid-laced venom - Science Daily

Date: March 30, 2017; Source: Cell Press; Summary: Fang blennies are small fish with big teeth. Specifically, they have two large canine teeth that jut out of their lower jaw. Since blenny fish are only about two inches long, these 'fangs' would be ...and more »

Tiny fish's venom makes predators zone out and release them - New Scientist

If you swallow this tropical blenny, you're likely to have bitten off more than you can chew. It has two prominent fangs on its lower jaws, which it uses to inject a unique venom that sends predators into a limp mess. When a predator engulfs a blenny ...and more »

These Fish Inject Predators With Opioid Venom and That's Not Even the Coolest Part - Gizmodo

Fangblennies are tiny reef-dwelling fish only two inches long that look like they came from some adorable deep-sea vampire movie. Only, if you're a predator and you piss them off, they will wreck the shit out of you with their opioid-laced venom. An ...and more »

The Fanged Fish That Drugs Its Enemies With Opioids - WIRED

Not unlike the ant-decapitating fly and the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, the fang blenny's name does not disappoint. This tiny fish wields two massive teeth that it uses to gouge chunks out of much larger fish and, in a bind, scrap its way out of the ...and more »

Fanged Coral Fish's Venomous Bite Could Lead to New Pain Treatments - PLoS Blogs (blog)

The fearless coral reef fish known as the fang blenny might only grow to several inches long, but it packs a toothy, venomous bite. New research into the fang blenny family tree reveals how their fangs and venom evolved – and hints at how these fish ...and more »

A Tiny Fish With Fearsome Fangs Uses An Opioid-Like Venom To Escape Enemies - NPR

The deceptively adorable fangblenny is only 2 inches long and lives in places like Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Anthony Romilio/University of Queensland hide caption. toggle caption. Anthony Romilio/University of Queensland. The deceptively adorable ...and more »

Fanged fish's heroin-like venom could lead to pain treatments - UQ News

A fearless fanged coral reef fish that disables its opponents with heroin-like venom could offer hope for the development of new painkillers. University of Queensland researcher Associate Professor Bryan Fry said the venomous fang blenny was found in ...and more »

Heroin-like Venom From This Fanged Fish Could Bring New Painkillers - Seeker

A timid tropical fish's numbing bite may spur the creation of tomorrow's pain treatments, but its coral reef habitats are under threat. By Jen Viegas. Published On 03/30/2017. 9:00 AM EDT. Share on Facebook · Tweet this article · Email. Fang blennies ...and more »

Tiny fish with a funny name could help with opioid crisis -

A tiny fish with a funny name may help solve one of our biggest problems — the opioid crisis. Opioids like morphine are addictive, have side effects and aren't that effective. Newer synthetic ones, like oxycodone and fentanyl, have the same issues and ...and more »