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Vault 7: Projects - WIKILEAKS

Today, September 7th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes four secret documents from the Protego project of the CIA, along with 37 related documents (proprietary hardware/software manuals from Microchip Technology Inc.). The project was maintained between 2014 ...and more »

Apple: Software flaws in latest WikiLeaks docs are all fixed - Phys.Org

Apple said purported hacking vulnerabilities disclosed by WikiLeaks this week have all been fixed in recent iPhones and Mac computers. The documents released by the anti-secrecy site Thursday morning pointed to an apparent CIA program to hack Apple ...and more »

Apple: Latest alleged CIA hacks of iPhones and Macs are old, fixed - SiliconBeat

A WikiLeaks document dump Thursday revealed yet more alarming information about the CIA's alleged hacking — involving Apple's iPhones and Macs. But Apple says the vulnerabilities the CIA supposedly exploited are old and it has already fixed them ...and more »

WikiLeaks releases CIA hacks of Apple Mac computers - Phys.Org

The Central Intelligence Agency is able to permanently infect an Apple Mac computer so that even reinstalling the operating system will not erase the bug, according to documents published Thursday by WikiLeaks. In its second release allegedly from the ...and more »

WikiLeaks Reveals How the CIA Can Hack a Mac's Hidden Code - WIRED

If the CIA wants inside your Mac, it may not be enough that you so carefully avoided those infected email attachments or maliciously crafted web sites designed to plant spyware on your machine. Based on new documents in WikiLeaks' ongoing release of ...and more »

New WikiLeaks dump: The CIA built Thunderbolt exploit, implants to target Macs - Ars Technica

WikiLeaks today dumped a smaller subset of documents from its "Vault 7" collection of files from a CIA software developer server. Yet again, these documents are more important from the perspective of WikiLeaks having them than for showing any ...and more »

Latest leaked CIA hack focuses on Apple's macOS, utilizes patched Thunderbolt EFI exploit - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

A second batch of CIA "Vault 7" documents published by WikiLeaks reveals some penetration methods for Mac hardware in-use by the CIA, none of which are wide-reaching, requiring physical device access to implement. Thursday's dump, significantly smaller ...and more »

Apple says recent WikiLeaks CIA docs detail old, fixed iPhone and Mac exploits - TechCrunch

Apple says that its preliminary assessments of the WikiLeaks documents released today indicate that the vulnerabilities it details for iPhone and Mac were fixed years ago. The documents, which originated with the CIA, detailed a variety of methods for ...and more »

Assange: 'Only 1 percent' of the CIA material has been published - Deutsche Welle

There are no less than 16 different intelligence agencies in the United States. In 2017, they will cost US taxpayers some $70 billion (65 billion euros) - roughly twice Germany's overall annual defense budget. The actual distribution of that sum among ...and more »

WikiLeaks Exposes CIA's Device Surveillance Tricks - TechNewsWorld

WikiLeaks on Thursday announced that it had released more Vault 7 documentation online, including details about several CIA projects to infect Apple's Mac computer firmware and operating system. The site unloaded its first batch of stolen Vault 7 data ...and more »