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Corpse Found in Chinese Elevator After Month-Long Shutdown - TIME

A woman's corpse was found in an elevator in China about a month after an elevator maintenance crew improperly shut off its power, trapping her inside, without checking to see if it was empty. The body of the 43-year-old building resident, who was ...and more »

Death of Chinese Woman Trapped in Elevator for Month Stokes Uproar - New York Times

BEIJING — In a crowded Chinese neighborhood, she suffered the loneliest of deaths. She was trapped and forgotten in a broken elevator of her apartment building for more than a month before her body was discovered last week. She had a hand pressed ...and more »

Woman 'starved to death' after being stranded for a month on an elevator in China - Washington Post

The prospect of riding an elevator, let alone being stuck in one, is enough to make the claustrophobic among us squirm. But in China, a woman appears to have met the worst imaginable fate for those who fear confined spaces, apparently starving to death ...and more »

Chinese woman trapped for a month in an elevator starves to death - Los Angeles Times

Elevator maintenance men returning to work after a month-long break for Chinese New Year made a horrific discovery last week when they opened the cab of a broken lift and found the body of a woman who had been trapped inside since late January and ...and more »

Dead woman found in elevator a month after power cut off - New York Post

BEIJING — The discovery of a woman's corpse in an elevator in the Chinese city of Xi'an has led to the detention of an elevator maintenance crew who improperly cut off power to the elevator a month ago without checking if anyone was inside. In a ...and more »

The Body of a Woman Who Starved To Death in an Elevator Has Been Discovered - Jezebel

My worst nightmare my worst nightmare my worst nightmare: the body of a woman who was trapped in an out-of-service elevator car and starved to death was discovered by a crew of maintenance men roughly a month after she was reported missing in Xi'an, ...and more »

A woman starved to death after being trapped in an elevator for a month - Mashable

A 43-year-old Chinese woman was found dead by an apartment building's maintenance workers after she was trapped in an elevator for a month. The incident took place in the northern city of Xi'an in China. According to local authorities, the woman was ...and more »

Chinese woman dies after being trapped in a lift for a month - Evening Standard

A woman has been found dead in a lift in China after the power was allegedly cut off more than a month ago. Two maintenance workers turned off the power source at the residential building in Xi'an on January 30 after they were called to check on a fault.and more »

Woman's body found in China lift a month after workers switched off power -

The discovery of a woman's body in a lift in the Chinese city of Xi'an has led to the detention of a maintenance crew who improperly cut off power to the lift a month ago without checking if anyone was inside. In a statement posted on Saturday, the ...and more »

Woman found dead in elevator 30 days after power cut off by building workers - The Guardian

Maintenance crew detained after failing to check if anyone was in the elevator of a residential building in the city of Xi'an, in China's north-west. Associated Press. Sun 6 Mar 2016 02.24 EST Last modified on Sun 6 Mar 2016 02.26 EST. Share on ...and more »