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Can coffee machines and kettles spread toxic spores? - NHS Choices

"Your coffee machine could be making you ill," the Mail Online reports, saying that steam released by the machine could be creating the perfect conditions for fungi to grow. The Sun reports a similar risk for kettles and showers. But before you throw ...and more »

Fungal toxins easily become airborne, creating potential indoor health risk - Science Daily

Date: June 23, 2017; Source: American Society for Microbiology; Summary: Toxins produced by three different species of fungus growing indoors on wallpaper may become aerosolized, and easily inhaled. The findings likely have implications for 'sick ...and more »

Your wallpaper might be making you sick - Health24

Wallpaper might give a new lease of life to a dull room, but did you know that there might be toxins lurking behind your wallpaper? In fact, wallpaper may contribute to "sick building syndrome", a new study suggests. Sick building syndrome is the name ...and more »

Fungal toxins from wallpaper source of illness says new research -

According to a new study, there are several toxins from fungi that could be released into the air indoors and the source could be fungi living in the wall papers. These may lead to serious health problems say researchers. Fungal toxins from wallpaper ...and more »

Sick building syndrome: Fungal toxins in your house can make you ill - TheHealthSite

A household fungus has been found to cause health problems. Toxins produced by this household fungus can lead to various health concerns. According to media reports, a group of researchers have found out that these fungi might result in serious health ...and more »

Airborne Fungal Toxins Can Develop More Readily than Previously Suspected - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

A team of French investigators has uncovered some new alarming evidence that will likely have major implications on the sick building syndrome (SBS) hypothesis—a medical condition where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or feel ...and more »

How your coffee machine could be making you ILL: Scientists reveal it's all to do with the steam given off by the ... - Daily Mail

They are the fashionable gadgets advertised by celebrities as the must-have kitchen appliance. But while a coffee machine may give you a welcome caffeine hit in the morning, it could also make you ill. The steam from these machines, combined with ...and more »

Wallpaper Breeds Sick Building Toxins: Study - Newsmax

Toxins from fungus growing on wallpaper can easily become airborne and pose an indoor health risk, the researchers said. In laboratory tests, "we demonstrated that mycotoxins could be transferred from a moldy material to air, under conditions that may ...and more »

Researchers Find Mould Toxins Can Easily Become Airborne Indoors - ScienceAlert

This could be making people sick. MIKE MCRAE. 26 JUN 2017. As if a sensitivity to their spores wasn't enough of a problem for some people, new research has found the toxins produced by mould sprouting in the damp corners of your house can also ...and more »

Sick Building Syndrome: Can Wallpaper Literally Make You Sick? - The Inquisitr

The wallpaper in your house could potentially be a health risk to you and your family. And as a new French study explains, the fungus growing on wallpaper could release toxins into the air and contribute to an illness known as “sick building syndrome.”.and more »