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YouTube for Android officially gets bottom navigation bar -

Ever since September 2016 YouTube has been testing a new UI for its Android app. This has gone through a few different iterations throughout the testing phase, and today it's finally ready to officially make it to every single user of YouTube for Android.and more »

YouTube for Android Gets Redesigned Layout With Navigation Bar at Bottom - NDTV

After testing it for around one year, Google has finally made YouTube for Android's redesigned layout official. Notably, the new design repositions the navigation bar, earlier placed at the top of the screen, to the bottom half just like on the iOS ...and more »

YouTube App update launches with major UI changes - Ghacks Technology News

Google launched a new version of the YouTube application today on iOS and Android which comes with major changes to the apps' interface. Changing the interface of an app that has been around for some time is always a daunting task. It is almost ...and more »

YouTube now widely rolling out a bottom bar redesign of its Android app [Gallery] - 9to5Google

After several months of testing, YouTube is finally rolling out a redesign of its Android app to all users. A new bottom bar is the primary change, with core parts and navigation of the app otherwise remaining unchanged.and more »

YouTube App for Android and iOS Finally Receives New Bottom Navigation UI - TelecomTalk (blog)

For years now, Google's YouTube app has the same user interface with the company just tweaking the colour gradients in the application along with adding new features. However, back in September 2016, some users noticed the bottom navigation bar user ...and more »

The End of the Road for Some Apps - New York Times

Q. I'm getting a message on some of my iPad apps saying they won't work on the next version of iOS. What — and why — is this? A. Simply put, Apple updates its operating system and hardware processors regularly, but older apps that have not kept up ...and more »

YouTube keeps Android users guessing, updates app - BetaNews

If you have automatic updates enabled on your Android phone, your index fingers and your brain may have hit a moment of panic and confusion as you realized everything was rejiggered from top to bottom, literally. Par for the course with Google, you ...and more »

YouTube brings new feature on Android app: Bottom navigation bar, here's what it is - Financial Express

Video-streaming service YouTube has made a few changes to its smartphone app with an aim to enhance the user experience. In the latest update, YouTube has moved the main navigation bar to the bottom of the app. The latest update is being rolled out to ...and more »

YouTube changes its app interface yet again, moving to bottom tab navigation - Android Central

YouTube is once again tweaking its Android app interface, aiming to hopefully clean things up and make the most-used YouTube functions easier to quickly reach. The crux of the new interface is the move to a bottom navigation bar that lets you quickly ...and more »

YouTube app gets new UI with tabs at the bottom -

This is a change some of you might have already seen. The feature has slowly been rolling out to a select group of people, and now Google has made it official. The mobile YouTube app has received a new interface, moving the tabs to the bottom for ...and more »