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Jeremy Corbyn aides refuse Tom Watson one-on-one meeting - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn's aides are refusing to let the Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson, hold a one-to-one meeting with him, claiming that Watson will try to “bully” the leader into resigning. A senior Labour source, close to the embattled leader, said they had ...and more »

A Labour challenger needs a rhino hide – luckily Angela Eagle is battle hardened - The Guardian

Despite John McDonnell's protestations this morning, it's now clear that Jeremy Corbyn needs to be challenged. And the Wallasey MP is the one to do it. Dan Iles: If Corbyn goes, so do I. Fri 1 Jul 2016 08.55 EDT Last modified on Tue 20 Jun 2017 13.55 ...and more »

A new, well-led Labour party could make a difference - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn on the day the referendum result was announced: he said article 50 must be triggered immediately. Photograph: Rob Stothard/Getty Images. We are still Europeans, liar-in-chief Boris Johnson intoned after the event. Other Brexiteers joined ...and more »

Labour's shadow cabinet wants Jeremy Corbyn to 'retire with dignity' - Business Insider

Members of Labour's shadow cabinet are reportedly trying to convince Jeremy Corbyn to resign rather than being ousted in a leadership election, BBC News reports. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a loss of support from his own MPs. A vote of no ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn Labour coup designed to stop him 'calling for Tony Blair's head' after Chilcot report, says Alex Salmond - The Independent

'It would be a mistake to believe that Chilcot and current events are entirely unconnected. The link is through the Labour Party'. Ashley Cowburn Political Correspondent; @ashcowburn; Monday 4 July 2016 06:27 BST. Click to follow. Indy Politics. The ...and more »

Labour Party gains 60000 new members in one week following attempted coup against Corbyn - The Independent

At least 60,000 new people have joined the Labour party in the past week amid delays to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership challenge. The figure, said to be one of the fastest increases in membership of any British political party in history, follows MPs ...and more »

Aides hold Jeremy Corbyn back after reporter asks if he was 'running away' - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn was held back by aides today after a reporter asked if he was “running away” from answering questions about his beleaguered leadership. Video appears to show aides trying to hold the Labour leader back after Victoria Macdonald of Channel ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party 'not safe for Jews' blasts MP who stormed out of anti-Semitism inquiry -

Ruth Smeeth stormed out after being publicly lambasted by Corbyn supporter Marc Wadsworth, who accused her of conspiring with the right-wing press. She blamed Mr Corbyn of a “catastrophic failure of leadership” for failing to stop Mr Wadsworth, who ...and more »

Corbyn and the rent-a-mob: How to wreck an anti-racism event - Jewish News (blog)

The launch event for Shami Chakrabarti's Inquiry report into anti-Semitism (and racism) in the Labour Party could, and should, have given a much needed morale boost for those wanting assurance that the Labour Party understands the fears and experiences ...and more »

Portland PR Company Condemns Len McCluskey's 'Ridiculous' Claim They're Behind Corbyn Coup - Huffington Post UK

Len McCluskey has been told to withdraw his "ridicolous conspiracy theory" claim that the coup against Jeremy Corbyn is being orchestrated by a PR firm. Speaking on the Andrew Marr programme, the General Secretary of Unite - one of Britain's biggest ...and more »