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Canada fines Amazon seven hours of profit for false advertising - The Register

Canada's Competition Bureau has administered what it thinks is a stinging fine for Amazon, but it's unlikely that CEO Jeff Bezos will be losing much sleep over it. The bureau ruled that Amazon was misleading Canucks by comparing its prices with a so ...and more »

Amazon just got slapped with a $1 million fine for misleading pricing - Recode

Some deals are too good to be true. And, for Amazon, they will cost the company. A Canadian enforcement agency announced today that Amazon Canada will pay a $1 million fine for what could be construed as misleading pricing practices. The investigation ...and more »

Amazon to pay $1M penalty over pricing practices in Canada - Toronto Star Inc. has changed its pricing practices in Canada and the U.S. and agreed to pay a $1-million penalty to settle a case of potentially misleading advertising being investigated by Canada's Competition Bureau. It will also pay $100,000 ...and more »

Amazon to pay Canada fine over pricing practices - Phys.Org

The Canadian branch of US online retailer Amazon will pay Can$1.1 million ($836,967) over allegedly misleading pricing on its website, the government said Wednesday. The Competition Bureau, after a months-long investigation of Amazon pricing practices ...and more »

Amazon fined big time in Canada over deceptive prices - Inquirer

THE BOOKSHOP THAT ATE THE HIGH STREET, Amazon, has been fined a massive $1.1m Canadian dollars because of a habit it has for overstating the pre-Amazon price on things. Maybe some of the more overzealous of you have spotted such an issue in ...and more »

Amazon Canada fined $1 million plus $100000 costs for misleading price claims on website - Financial Post

TORONTO — Amazon Canada has been slapped with a $1-million fine by the country's Competition Bureau over misleading price claims. The news comes after a Bureau investigation into the online retailer's past pricing practices, which compared its prices ...and more »

Amazon Canada ordered to pay $1M fine for deceptive price listings - Marketing Land

Amazon Canada has been fined $1 million by the country's Competition Bureau for using deceptive price listings. According to a release from the Canada's Competition Bureau, an independent agency that enforces Canada's Competition Act, ...and more »

Amazon to Pay to Settle Canada Case About Misleading Pricing - Fortune

The Canadian unit of will pay a $1 million fine, or, or $756,659 U.S., to settle an investigation into pricing activities on its website that gave an inaccurate view of how much consumers could save, Canada's competition watchdog said on ...and more »

Amazon to Pay Fine Related to Pricing Practices in Canada - Wall Street Journal

OTTAWA— Inc. AMZN 1.60% agreed to pay a fine and change its pricing practices in Canada after a two-year investigation concluded the online retailer made unsubstantiated claims about savings on certain products, Canada's antitrust agency ...and more »