Busy coffee shops and bank machines top list of ideal spots to place life-saving devices - CBC.ca

Every second counts when someone is having a cardiac arrest — but there's often a disconnect between where the event happens and the nearest defibrillator. New research focusing on Toronto suggests that busy coffee shops and bank machines may be ...and more »

Coffee shops, ATMs are ideal spots for automated external defibrillators: study - CTV News

TORONTO - Coffee shops and automated bank machines would make ideal locations for installing automated external defibrillators to help people who have collapsed following a cardiac arrest, researchers suggest. In a study published Monday in the ...and more »

Coffee shops, 24-hour ATMs the best locations for life-saving AEDs, research shows - U of T Engineering News

Professor Timothy Chan (MIE, left) and Christopher Sun (MIE PhD candidate) studied data on cardiac arrest locations in Toronto to determine a list of “Top 10” businesses where placing automated external defibrillators would save lives — Tim Hortons ...and more »

Coffee shops, ATMs may be ideal locations for defibrillators, study says - WCVB Boston

Coffee shops and ATMs could play a major role in helping reduce deaths caused by out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, researchers say. Advertisement. The electrical malfunction of the heart, leading to arrhythmia, can often be avoided if the heart receives ...and more »

ATMs, Coffee Shops Ideal Spots for Heart Defibrillators - Philly.com

MONDAY, March 20, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- ATMs and coffee shops may be among the best spots to place lifesaving defibrillators, a new study suggests. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are devices that can be used by a layperson to restart the ...and more »

Self-inflicted gunshot - Castanet.net

Police say a suspect in the fatal shooting of a southern Ontario chiropractor has died in hospital. Defibrillator on every cornerToronto 2:24 pm - 201 views. Nudes without permissionToronto 2:07 pm - 306 views. YouTube faces backlashTechnology 1:18 pm ...and more »

Where are best spots for life-saving AEDs? - 6abc.com

People trained in CPR know to grab for a defibrillator if someone goes into cardiac arrest. But what's the best place for an AED? A team at the University of Toronto looked at cardiac events in 41 unique businesses in over 20 locations in that city, to ...and more »

Coffee shops, ATMs may be ideal locations for lifesaving AEDs - MilTech

Community coffee shops and automated teller machines, or ATMs, might be ideal locations for public access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The study's rankings could be used to identify promising businesses to develop partnerships with for ...and more »