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Traces of nerve agent found in killing of Kim Jong-un's brother, court hears -

A government chemist testified Thursday that he found traces of the banned VX nerve agent on two women being tried in Malaysia on charges of murdering the estranged half-brother of North Korea's leader. The testimony was the first evidence linking VX ...and more »

Kim Jong-un is not crazy but a 'rational actor', CIA officials state -

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, but a “rational actor” focused on regime survival, according to senior CIA officials. Despite a backdrop of increasingly provocative long-range missile tests and Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test in ...and more »

VX nerve agent trace found on women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam, court hears - The Guardian

Malaysian chemist testifies in trial of two women accused of murdering the half-brother of North Korea's leader. Associated Press. Thu 5 Oct 2017 06.06 EDT First published on Thu 5 Oct 2017 01.12 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share via ...and more »

CIA: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un isn't crazy - CNN

Washington (CNN) Between the ruthless executions of his own senior officers, bombastic threats of nuclear annihilation and defiant missile tests, it may be easy to agree with President Donald Trump's recent assessment that North Korean leader Kim Jong ...and more »

The first casualty of North Korean nuclear tests? The country's environment - Los Angeles Times

Mt. Paektu is an active volcano that occupies a revered place in Korean legend as the birthplace of the Korean people. But it may be paying a price for their division. Located on the border of North Korea and China, the volcano has been appropriated by ...and more »

Kim Jong-un not mad but a 'rational actor', CIA says - The Independent

Kim Jong-un, who Donald Trump recently referred to as a “madman” has been rebranded a “rational actor” by senior CIA officials. The North Korean dictator is infamous for executing his own officers, threatening the US with nuclear war and increasing ...and more »

Top CIA official contradicts Trump's 'madman' rhetoric, says Kim Jong Un is a 'very rational actor' - Business Insider

KCNA via REUTERS A top CIA official has countered the common "madman" narrative surrounding North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, telling an audience in Washington DC that he's a "very rational actor." This contradicts President Donald Trump's ...and more »

Americans Buying Cheap Salmon May Be Unknowingly Funding North Korea's Missile Programs - Newsweek

In an effort to force Kim Jong Un to suspend North Korea's nuclear weapons program, President Donald Trump has pressured China to intensify sanctions on the dictatorship. He might want to think about pressuring certain American seafood retailers to pay ...and more »

Brinkmanship and North Korea - Reed Magazine (press release) (blog)

A nuclear power led by an unpredictable ruler with a chip on his shoulder. Not an ideal negotiating partner—but that may be as true of President Donald Trump as it is of North Korea's Kim Jong-un. “Never before have two leaders in command of nuclear ...and more »

'Frontline' on North Korea: ruling-family weirdness and the desire for nukes - MinnPost

The admirable PBS documentary series “Frontline” premiered a new documentary Wednesday night about the North Korean ruling family and their nuclear ambitions. It's titled “North Korea's Deadly Dictator,” and it mixes together two main narratives, one ...and more »