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Power Rangers: Just as cheap and irredeemably dumb as the original - The Globe and Mail

The new Power Rangers film is almost galling enough in its misplaced confidence that it must be seen to be believed. Kimberley French. Barry Hertz. Published March 22, 2017 Updated March 22, 2017. 1 out of 4 stars. Title: Power Rangers; Written by ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Cast Lobbying for a Female Green Ranger in Sequel - Hollywood Reporter

"A lot of the cast and I have discussed that we think it should be a girl," says star Dacre Montgomery of Tommy possibly showing up in the next film. [Warning: This story contains spoilers for Power Rangers.] Want to know if a film might be having a ...and more »

Power Rangers film would've been better as a CW series - Ars Technica

If you think Marvel and DC superheroes receive too many reboots, you clearly haven't kept tabs on the Power Rangers TV series. What began as an excuse to reuse costumed-battling footage from the Japanese show Super Sentai has spawned 24 incarnations ...and more »

'Beauty and the Beast' to Repeat at #1 Over 'Power Rangers', 'Life' and 'CHiPs' - Box Office Mojo

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Disney's Beauty and the Beast is looking at a monster second weekend, appearing as if it might outperform even the most optimistic expectations after it brought in an estimated $23.6 million on Friday. Disney is estimating a weekend ...and more »

Power Rangers movie should just power off: review - Toronto Star

It takes more than an obscene amount of money to make a worthwhile blockbuster out of Power Rangers. Elizabeth Banks plays Rita Repulsa in the new movie Power Rangers. (Lionsgate). By Ryan PorterSpecial to the Star. Thu., March 23, 2017. Power Rangers ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Movie Features A Gay Yellow Ranger Named Trini - The Inquisitr

The new Power Rangers movie tackles quite a few issues, but homophobia stands at the forefront. Ever since Lionsgate announced that the yellow Power Ranger, Trini, is gay, the 2017 film has been getting both praise and criticism from fans. While the ...and more »

Surprise! The New Power Rangers Is Actually Pretty Great - Vulture

If you ventured to the multiplex to see a certain kind of end-of-year popcorn movie a while back, you were likely treated to the trailers for Power Rangers and Logan, perhaps back-to-back. Both featured songs performed or written by Johnny Cash* (“Hurt ...and more »

Review: So-so 'Power Rangers' reboot is cheesy, self-serious - Jakarta Post

In this image released by Lionsgate, Becky G, from left, RJ Cyler, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and Ludi Lin appear in a scene from "Power Rangers." (Lionsgate via AP/Kimberly French). There's a question every piece of intellectual property needs to ...and more »

Review: the Power Rangers movie is magical when it stops trying to be cool - Vox

The only expectation anyone should have when going to see a Power Rangers movie is that in exchange for your ticket price, you will be able to sit in a dark room and enjoy a story involving dinosaurs, robots, and karate. The writing should twist itself ...and more »

'Power Rangers' Gets Strict Age Restriction in Russia, Presumably Over LGBTQ Character - Hollywood Reporter

On Friday, WDSSPR, the Russian distributor of Power Rangers, informed theaters that the age restriction for the movie has been changed from 16+ to 18+, meaning that only viewers over 18 will be admitted to the screenings. The distributor provided no ...and more »