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McDonald's attempt to make Happy Meals seem healthy just backfired - Business Insider UK

McDonald's recently swapped out the traditional Happy Meal toy for a Step-It fitness tracker. The fitness trackers were only intended to be included in Happy Meals for a limited time in the US and Canada but that time has been cut short. The fast-food ...and more »

Can a Fitness Tracker Make Eating a Happy Meal Healthier? - Live Science

Update: McDonald's announced on Aug. 17 that it is removing the fitness trackers from Happy Meals after reports of potential skin irritations that may be associated with wearing the device, according to a statement from McDonald's provided to Live ...and more »

McDonald's is replacing toys with fitness trackers in Happy Meals - Business Insider

McDonald's fitness tracker McDonald's Step-It fitness trackers. McDonald's Canada McDonald's has an unexpected addition to its Happy Meals: fitness trackers. The fast-food giant is swapping out the traditional Happy Meal toy for a Step-It fitness ...and more »

McDonald's serving up fitness trackers in Happy Meals - USA TODAY

Update: McDonald's voluntarily removed StepIt! Activity bands from Happy Meals "after receiving limited reports of potential skin irritations that may be associated from wearing the band," Terri Hickey, a spokesperson for McDonald's said in a statement ...and more »

McDonald's Makes Fitness Trackers the Latest Happy Meal Toy - MobileMarketing Magazine

mcdonalds step it fitness tracker The child-friendly gifts that came with McDonald's Happy Meals used to be simple toys, usually part of a promotional campaign for a family friendly movie or television show. The latest item to be included in the iconic ...and more »

McDonald's Latest Attempt To Make Happy Meals Seem Healthy Has Backfired - Tech Times

In the latest blow to the McDonald's franchise's continued attempts to brand itself as a "healthy" fast-food chain, it is taking its fitness trackers out of its Happy Meals after reports surfaced of customers experiencing skin irritation upon wearing ...and more »

McDonald's looks to 'Step-it' up on fitness with activity trackers in Happy Meals - Digital Trends

Who said the Golden Arches don't give a hoot about fitness? McDonald's locations in North America have begun serving a bit of physical encouragement with every Happy Meal: a bright, colorful, pedometer-packing step tracker. The House of Ronald is ...and more »

McDonald's Launches a Smartwatch (Sort Of), Offers It for Free with a Happy Meal - Softpedia News

If you're looking for a basic activity tracker and you're living in Canada, you can very well go to the nearest McDonald's and buy a Happy Meal, as the fast-food restaurant chain has just launched a brand new campaign for local customers. McDonald's is ...and more »

McDonald's wearable takes the guilt out of eating that Happy Meal - Mashable

A trip to McDonald's is seen by many as a quick way to gain weight, but the fast food giant just rolled out a new promotion that might actually help some people drop a couple of pounds. In the latest version of the classic Happy Meal, the food chain is ...and more »

McDonald's Is Putting Fitness Trackers in Happy Meals - Fortune

McDonald's (mcd, -1.87%) is putting fitness trackers in children's Happy Meals to encourage physical activity, in a move aimed at rebranding the company in a more health-conscious light. The gadget, called “step-it,” is basically a pedometer: It counts ...and more »