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The whole world is a playground: Pokemon Go creates new rules of play -

It is officially the summer of Pokemon Go, and now that the viral phenomenon has come to Canada it is pretty much guaranteed that either you're playing, or that someone else is playing — on your front lawn. The game uses a phone's GPS to determine ...and more »

How “Pokemon Go” Took Augmented Reality Mainstream - Knowledge@Wharton

“Pokemon Go,” a game that has millions of people roaming around the physical world to capture virtual characters, has taken augmented reality (AR) from a niche technology to mainstream, while highlighting a potentially lucrative new marketing platform.and more »

After augmented reality wins with Pokemon Go, is augmented audio reality next? - The National

So are we ready for augmented audio reality? Doppler Labs believes we are. The company is targeting this autumn for the launch of Here One, a set of earphones that promise to enhance or quiet the sounds of daily life that are all around us.and more »

'Pokemon Go' gets the augmented reality hype train back on track - Nikkei Asian Review

BANGKOK -- It was only last summer that Gartner's annual "Hype Cycle" report said augmented reality, or AR, technology was in a "trough of disillusionment" phase. This, the U.S. research company says, is what tends to follow a phase of inflated ...and more »

How Augmented Reality Could Shape Our Cities - Metropolis Magazine

This article was originally published on ArchDaily. Augmented reality is not a new piece of technology. The term has existed in some form since the early 90s, and it has had practical effects for architects since at least 2008, when ArchDaily posted ...and more »

Pokemon Go: Five examples of brands catching the augmented reality craze - Netimperative

Pokemon Go! hasn't revealed official sponsorship formats yet, but that hasn't stopped brands jumping on the augmented reality phenomenon. We look at five of the best examples of companies taking advantage of the latest mobile gaming craze… In the wake ...and more »

Pokemon Go Needs These 6 Features for Continued Success in India and Elsewhere - NDTV

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. So much so that even countries that don't have access to it yet are playing the game regularly. But if you check out our Pokemon Go review, you'll realise that the game is nowhere near perfect. In fact, in a lot ...and more »

Think twice about giving Pokemon Go-ahead - The Straits Times

The frenzied playing of augmented-reality game Pokemon Go abroad makes it increasingly clear that the Singapore authorities should think twice about allowing the game to be played here ("Local fans try various ways to get hold of Pokemon Go", last ...and more »

'Pokemon Go' sends people into a frenzy – Gamers 'escape' reality and indulge into virtual world, professor warns - Kuwait Times

KUWAIT: Where is the Pokemon? Where is it hiding? How can I catch it? These are questions that are raised by users of the newly-launched Pokemon Go game which has taken the world by storm. The wildly popular mobile app, which is based on a 1990s ...and more »

Pokemon Go Is Nothing But Mass Hysteria - PC Magazine

So I'm getting gasoline at a local service station. A woman on the other side of the pump has just finished pumping her gas and is returning to the car. She opens the door to get in but first checks her phone for something. She swings around madly then ...and more »