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Putin orders US to shed 755 from diplomatic staff by Sept 1 - National Post

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday the United States would have to cut its embassy and consulate staff in Russia by 755, heightening tensions between Washington and Moscow three days after the U.S. Congress approved sanctions ...and more »

Why Trump must stop being Trump to survive - The Conversation CA

Donald Trump's supporters have a new rallying cry in defence of the American president: “Let Trump be Trump!” I am a U.S.-born linguist, an expert in Caucasian languages and also politics, and someone who advised the Bill Clinton White House on Russia ...and more »

With his hands tied by Congress, Trump may reluctantly sign bill bringing new sanctions against Russia - National Post

By Vivian Salama. WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is likely to sign a tough new sanctions bill that includes proposed measures targeting Russia — a remarkable concession that the president has yet to sell his party on his hopes for forging a ...and more »

Putin, Responding to Sanctions, Orders US to Cut Diplomatic Staff by 755 - New York Times

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin announced Sunday that the American diplomatic mission in Russia must reduce its staff by 755 employees, an aggressive response to new American sanctions that seemed ripped right from the Cold War playbook and sure ...and more »

Putin's Bet on a Trump Presidency Backfires Spectacularly - New York Times

A little more than a year after the Russian effort to interfere in the American presidential election came to light, the diplomatic fallout — an unraveling of the relationship between Moscow and Washington on a scale not seen in decades — is taking ...and more »

Sanctions retaliation: Russia tells US to cut embassy staff, stop using storage facilities - RT

Moscow has told the US to reduce the number of its diplomatic staff in Russia to 455 people, and is also halting the use of embassy storage facilities in the capital, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The retaliatory move comes after the US ...and more »

Putin expelling 755 US diplomats from Russia -

Russian President Vladimir Putin hit back at pending U.S. sanctions against his country on Sunday by ordering 755 U.S. diplomats to leave Russia. “I decided that it is time for us to show that we will not leave anything unanswered,” Putin said in an ...and more »

Trump plans to sign new Russia sanctions bill, White House says - Washington Post

President Trump plans to sign legislation slapping new punitive sanctions on Russia over election meddling, the White House said Friday, effectively ending hopes for the fresh start with Moscow that he came into office promising to seek. Trump opposed ...and more »

After retaliating against new US sanctions, Russia urges US to fix ties - PBS NewsHour

MOSCOW — Russia urged the United States Monday to show “political will” to mend ties even as it ordered sweeping cuts of U.S. embassy personnel unseen since Cold War times. President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said it will take time ...and more »

Putin tells US to cut 755 diplomatic staff under new sanctions -

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday the United States would have to cut its embassy and consulate staff in Russia by 755 under new sanctions from Moscow. Russia's Foreign Ministry on Friday ordered a reduction by Sept. 1 in the ...and more »