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Martin McGuinness: How being honest about his IRA ties let him become a peacemaker - Christian Science Monitor

The one-time Irish Republican Army commander and former first minister of Northern Ireland, who passed away today, was both a gunman and a statesman. Martin McGuinness, leaves a Belfast news conference in front of a mural of Bobby Sands on the Falls ...and more »

In war and peace, Martin McGuinness's commitment was total and pivotal - Irish Times

Martin McGuinness was the most significant player in Northern Irish politics, for bad and then good, over the course of the past half-century. The scale and duration of his career means there are few commentators or politicians North or South who have ...and more »

McGuinness a freedom fighter, not a terrorist, says Adams - Irish Times

With the death of Martin McGuinness Ireland lost a hero, Derry a son, Sinn Féin a leader, and his family a loving, caring and dedicated husband, father and grandfather, Gerry Adams said in his graveside oration for his friend of 45 years. The Sinn Féin ...and more »

'We don't really hate each other any more': people of Derry on life after McGuinness - The Guardian

The coffin of Martin McGuinness is carried to St Columba's Long Tower church in Londonderry. Photograph: Paul Mcerlane/EPA. Martin McGuinness. 'We don't really hate each other any more': people of Derry on life after McGuinness. Following Brexit vote ...and more »

Miriam Lord: Martin McGuinness owns Derry one last time - Irish Times

At the centre of it all was family in mourning. But that wasn't all. “Republicans are mourning too,” said a Sinn Féin official in the party's bustling Derry headquarters. They poured into the city from early morning. A steady stream of people queued to ...and more »

Martin McGuinness's long game: why a united Ireland is now increasingly likely - New Statesman

McGuinness died with his ultimate goal of a united Ireland arguably closer to realisation than at any other time since the island's partition in 1921. Sign up to the Staggers Morning Call email *. By Martin Fletcher · Print HTML. In late 2011 Martin ...and more »

McGuinness funeral to take place at scene of IRA-church clash - Irish Times

St Columba's Church in Derry, where the funeral of Martin McGuinness is to take place on Thursday, was the scene exactly 30 years ago this week of one of the most controversial confrontations between the IRA and the Catholic Church during the Troubles ...and more »

Thousands line the streets for funeral of Martin McGuinness - Scottish Daily Record

Former US president Bill Clinton and ex SNP leader Alex Salmond attended the requiem mass in Derry for the Sinn Fein veteran. Share. By. Christina O'Neill. 15:31, 23 MAR 2017; Updated 17:30, 23 MAR 2017. News. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time 0:00 ...and more »

Mairia Cahill: Martin McGuinness and me - Belfast Telegraph

I'm one of those people who think that speaking ill of the dead is not particularly helpful. However, I am not a hypocrite and I don't believe in glossing over history when someone does pass away. I remember how hurtful it was when my Uncle Joe ...and more »

Northern Ireland Troubles' victims don't get garlands of peacemakers, their legacy is heartbreak - Belfast Telegraph

There are many, many people who on hearing the news of the death of Martin McGuinness this week will have shed many, many tears. None of them for Martin McGuinness. Even if we accept that in his latter years McGuinness, along with Ian Paisley, did ...and more »