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The meaning of a meeting of Europe's leading nationalist minds -

At 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning in late January, a police squad entered a large conference hall in Koblenz, Germany and swept the place for explosives. Outside, some 1,000 German police officers assumed formation around the perimeter. Near the front ...and more »

Marine Le Pen leads gathering of EU far-right leaders in Koblenz - The Guardian

The head of France's Front National will share the stage with far-right leaders from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Nicola Slawson · @nicola_slawson. Sat 21 Jan 2017 07.43 EST First published on Sat 21 Jan 2017 06.39 EST. Share on Facebook ...and more »

EU's right-wing ENF faction unites to fight for 'patriotism, sovereignty and identity' - Deutsche Welle

Sitting down at the Rhein-Mosel-Halle, anyone would be forgiven for thinking they were attending a normal European summit. National flags from the European Union's 28 member states were draped around the conference hall. Despite the UK's impending ...and more »

Europe's top rightwing politicians gather in Koblenz - Financial Times

Europe's most prominent rightwing politicians came together in a rare show of unity in the German city of Koblenz, predicting that the same forces unleashed by US President Donald Trump would sweep them to power throughout western Europe in an ...and more »

Marine Le Pen Extols Far Right During Speech in Germany - New York Times

KOBLENZ, Germany — Marine Le Pen wasted no time in proclaiming 2017 as the year of far-right awakening in Europe. “We are living through the end of one world, and the birth of another,” Ms. Le Pen, the leader of France's National Front party, told a ...and more »

'Europe will wake up in 2017', Le Pen says in Germany - The Local France

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen on Saturday told a European gathering of right-wing populists in Germany that a string of high-stakes elections in 2017 would blow a wind of change across the region. Emboldened by the Brexit vote and Donald ...and more »

Europe's rightwing populists proclaim 'patriotic spring' - Financial Times

Europe's most prominent rightwing populist politicians are promising a “patriotic spring”, claiming the Brexit vote and the inauguration of Donald Trump had shown the political tide was turning in their favour. Saturday's meeting in the western German ...and more »

France's Presidential Candidate Le Pen: EU Has Turned Into 'Dogmatic Religion' - Sputnik International

French presidential candidate and the head of far-right National Front party Marine Le Pen stated that the member countries of the European Union should not be obstructed from leaving the bloc, and such sovereign decisions should be respected.and more »

Europe's far-right leaders speak on Trump at conference - CNN

Koblenz, Germany (CNN) Swelling music and angry rhetoric, straight from the Donald Trump inauguration playbook, were prominent Saturday as Europe's nationalist parties gathered under the banner "Europe of Nations and Freedom" -- their political bloc in ...and more »

After the US, far right says 2017 will be the year Europe wakes up - The Guardian

France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called on voters across Europe to “wake up” and follow the example of US and British voters. Speaking at an unprecedented meeting in Germany of Europe's rightwing populist parties, she said Brexit ...and more »