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NASA Slams New Conspiracy Theory, No Kidnapped Children on Mars - Nature World News

The race to be the very first nation to put man in Mars is joined by many countries and private organization. However, a conspiracy theory claims that there are already humans in the Red Planet and it is not scientists or astronauts as one expects ...and more »

Trump-Endorsed Media Outlet Accuses NASA of Operating Child Slave Colony on Mars - Slate Magazine (blog)

President Trump conducted an interview in December 2015 with noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones during which he praised Jones' reputation as "amazing," and the two reportedly remain in touch. (Jones' site InfoWars has reported, among other things, ...and more »

NASA Denies That It's Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars - Daily Beast

A report on Alex Jones' InfoWars claiming child sex slaves have been kidnapped and shipped to Mars is untrue, NASA told The Daily Beast on Thursday. “There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last ...and more »

No, Nasa is not hiding a colony of child slaves on Mars -

The situation for human beings on Mars is dire, and not just because the red planet's atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and the average temperature is - 62 degrees Celsius. There's also the issue of the child-trafficking ring operating in secret on ...and more »

NASA denies Mars child sex slave colony conspiracy in rare comment on alien theories… but not everybody is convinced - The Sun

NASA has been forced to deny conspiracy theorists' claims that it is running a child slave colony on Mars - in a rare comment on alien theories. Ex-CIA case officer Robert David Steele made the bizarre allegation on a national radio show in the United ...and more »

Alex Jones Has a Perfectly Normal Chat About All the Slave Children Who Are Sent to Mars - Gizmodo

You might know Alex Jones as the guy who peddles conspiracy theories about politics and pizza. Or you might know him as the guy who was successfully sued by yogurt. But it's easy to forget that he also believes some rather interesting things about NASA ...and more »

NASA Politely Clarifies It Is Not Running A Child Slave Colony On Mars - HuffPost

Alex Jones definitely has nerve, and a very short memory. Three months ago, the conspiracy theory-loving radio show host apologized for spreading fake news about a child sex ring at a Washington, D.C., pizzeria after an armed man stormed the place ...and more »

Nasa spokesperson forced to deny that space agency has put child sex slaves on Mars - The Independent

Nasa does not have a colony of child sex slaves on Mars, it has been forced to confirm. The space agency has looked to address claims made by a guest on Alex Jones's Infowars channel that it has kidnapped children and is holding them on Mars. “There ...and more »

New Conspiracy Theory: Children Kidnapped for Mars Slave Colony -

Even in this age of free-flying conspiracy theories, this one's a doozy. On Thursday (June 29), a guest on Alex Jones' radio show named Robert David Steele claimed that Mars is inhabited — by people sent to the Red Planet against their will. "We ...and more »

Alex Jones casually discusses made-up child slave colony on Mars - The Daily Dot

Alex Jones, the loud-mouthed host of InfoWars, is known to puppet wild—and false—conspiracies on a daily basis. But a recent conversation Jones had with a guest about a child slave colony on Mars is certainly one of his weirdest topics of interest.and more »