Nintendo Switch is a next-level console with only 1 must-play game -

Nintendo's newest gaming system, Switch, bears the weight of some lofty goals. The device, which is out today, aims to unify the Japanese company's home and portable markets, offering something for audiences both hardcore and casual, young, old and ...and more »

Nintendo shares gain after Switch debuts without a glitch - The Globe and Mail

Nintendo Co. shares rose on Friday to their highest in a month after a smooth debut of Switch, a hybrid console that aims to bring together the worlds of mobile and home gaming. Retailers in Tokyo and Sydney began selling a limited number of units ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Review - IGN

By Vince Ingenito The Nintendo Switch isn't unlike a NASA spacecraft, in that nearly every part of it has been specially designed to pull double or even triple duty. The system's modular design means that it has to function as a traditional home ...and more »

The first must-try gadget of 2017 - Deccan Herald

There's a new gadget that you can count on to soon zoom to the top of people's wish lists: the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese game company has released the Switch, a brand-new $300 video game console. For months, the device has been generating buzz ...and more »

Stellar Zelda Reviews Point to Big Things for Nintendo's Switch - Fortune

We don't yet know exactly how successful the Friday launch of Nintendo's new Switch console/handheld was. But the reviews for its headline launch title are in, and they suggest a bright future for not only the console, but the company as a whole. The ...and more »

Nintendo Confirms Switch Save Data Can't Be Transferred - Kotaku

Sometimes shit happens, like accidentally deleting a save file you've invested lots of blood, sweat, and tears into. Unfortunately, there's no way to backup the save files for Nintendo Switch games. It seems hard to believe but Nintendo has confirmed ...and more »

The Nintendo Switch gets the iFixit treatment, teardown reveals surprisingly repairable device - Tech2

A ritualistic teardown of all new hardware that's launched is now an essential part of technology culture. Master of this ritual is, of course, iFixit, who've taken their skills to the Nintendo Switch and ripped it down to its constituent components ...and more »

Switch Joy-Con controller connectivity affected by microwaves, cellphones, says Nintendo - Tech2

Nintendo just recently started selling its new gaming console and and it seems that there is an issue with its unique Joy-Con controllers. According to the Verge, a review of the Nintendo Switch suggests that the controllers face connectivity issues ...and more »

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The Nintendo Switch is here, and these are the games you'll want to buy and avoid. More. Nintendo's innovative home console/portable hybrid machine, the Switch, is finally here. We've put the system through its paces, and while the tech is impressive ...and more »

Nintendo Switch goes on sale across the world, selling out almost immediately - The Independent

The much-hyped – and risky – mixed-use console appeared to immediately sell out and only people who queued at midnight or pre-ordered long in advance were able to actually get their hands on one. The console is unusual because it is made to be used ...and more »