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Nintendo Switch Review - IGN

By Vince Ingenito The Nintendo Switch isn't unlike a NASA spacecraft, in that nearly every part of it has been specially designed to pull double or even triple duty. The system's modular design means that it has to function as a traditional home ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review: Revolutionary, but it still needs work - Engadget

The Switch has a lot riding on it. Nintendo has to make up for the missteps it made with the Wii U, and it has to convince gamers that a portable system can also be a decent home console. And of course, the company is under pressure from Sony's ...and more »

Nintendo Reveals More Switch Games, Including Some Exclusives - GameSpot

With Switch launching in just a few days, Nintendo today highlighted many of the indie games on the way to the platform. As part of its Nindies Showcase (above), Nintendo made a number of exciting Switch game announcements. These include SteamWorld ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review: The most versatile home console ever is in some ways strangely minimalist - Financial Post

I've reviewed plenty of game consoles over the years, watching as the critical focus has gradually shifted away from the hardware itself towards the operating systems. Specifically, the unique usability and social features built into the system; the ...and more »

Nintendo Switch is a next-level console with only 1 must-play game -

Nintendo's newest gaming system, Switch, bears the weight of some lofty goals. The device, which is out today, aims to unify the Japanese company's home and portable markets, offering something for audiences both hardcore and casual, young, old and ...and more »

Nintendo Switch digital games can only be played on one console at a time - Polygon

Nintendo Switch users looking to play their downloaded games on multiple consoles can indeed do so, but the process isn't as simple or useful as anybody would want. The Switch uses a new account system: the unified Nintendo Account, which serves as a ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review: pure potential - The Verge

I am only about 15 hours through the new Legend of Zelda right now, but it's clear to me that I'll probably spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours exploring the world, killing Moblins, and collecting treasure. At any other point in my life, that time ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Review: How Nintendo Won Me Back - Tom's Guide

Okay, I'll admit it. For the last two console launches, I've been a Nintendo hater. But that changes with the Nintendo Switch. Priced at $299, the Switch is a truly innovative product that has the ability to literally switch between play modes. One ...and more »

Nintendo Switch review: a brave and fascinating new console - The Guardian

Nintendo remains a puzzling phenomenon for a lot of modern gamers. The company never makes powerful consoles, or cool consoles; it never pushes the processing envelope, and it always seems a little eccentric when it comes to online infrastructure.and more »

Nintendo Switch review: Meet the Game Boy Entertainment System - Ars Technica

Since the release of the Game Boy in 1989, there has been a pretty fundamental split between playing games on a TV-based console and playing games on a portable system. Aside from pricey experiments like the Turbo Express, playing on the go meant ...and more »