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In Fargo Season 3, a Family Feud Turns Bloody - The Atlantic

This post contains some spoilers for the first episode of Fargo Season 3. Wednesday's third-season premiere of Fargo began as so many Fargo storylines have before: with an apparently senseless and possibly deadly twist of fate. A frightened-looking man ...and more »

Fargo showrunner reveals season 3 origins - (blog)

Fargo returns Wednesday for its highly anticipated third season, which sees Ewan McGregor playing dual starring roles (EW gave the first episode a rare “A” grade). Below, Fargo's Emmy-winning showrunner Noah Hawley takes our burning questions about ...and more »

Brother vs. brother in brilliant 'Fargo' Season 3 -

The road back to “Fargo” leads through East Berlin, 1988. A terrified man is called before a uniformed officer who insists that he is someone else, someone guilty of a horrible crime. To the man's protests, the officer responds that “this is a problem ...and more »

'Fargo' And Bill Nye Make Promising Returns To The Small Screen - NPR

The 1996 Coen Brothers movie Fargo was so good, and so original, that when the FX cable network announced it was making a new version for television, I expected it to be awful — especially since the creator of the adaptation was Noah Hawley, ...and more »

TV Review: 'Fargo' Season 3 on FX - Variety

“Fargo” is a pointillist's dream. In the third season of the anthology series, so many tiny details stand out: There are the perfectly mussed curls of a self-important executive's hair, which is either inartfully permed or naturally sports a douche-y ...and more »

Can 'Fargo' Reinvent Itself Again For Season Three? - UPROXX

The first two seasons of Fargo were magic, inspiring joy and awe and a constant question of how anyone in the world could have pulled this off. Adapting one of the greatest and most distinct films by the idiosyncratic Coen brothers into a TV series ...and more »

Fargo: Season Three - slantmagazine

Throughout Fargo's first two seasons, showrunner Noah Hawley proved to be a consummate disciple of not just the film on which the series is adapted, but Joel and Ethan Coen's entire oeuvre. Indeed, one of the joys of watching the FX series is seeking ...and more »

'Fargo': A Freezing Hot New Mystery - Yahoo TV (blog)

Set in 2010 Minnesota, the new season of Fargo tells another tale of violent, bungled crime, this time featuring Ewan McGregor in two roles, as warring brothers. When he's curly-haired, he's Emmit Stussy, “the parking lot king of Minnesota,” a ...and more »

Fargo Stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Carrie Coon, and Michael Stuhlbarg Share 10 Reasons To Get Excited About ... - Rotten Tomatoes

If you're considering committing a crime in Minnesota, you might want to give that there a rethink, don'tcha know. The 1996 movie Fargo and the TV series of the same name both insist that it never works out for the criminals. The fun is in watching ...and more »

'Fargo' Returns With Two Ewan McGregors, More Blood…And Donald Trump? - Daily Beast

Ewan McGregor walks in and says hi, his paunch belly protruding over his ill-fitting slacks, the fluorescent lighting bouncing off his bald head, the straggles of red hair around his crown dirty and knotted, and his handlebar mustache less Tom Selleck ...and more »