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Russia may be helping supply Taliban insurgents: US general - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. general in Europe said on Thursday that he had seen Russian influence on Afghan Taliban insurgents growing and raised the possibility that Moscow was helping supply the militants, whose reach is expanding in ...and more »

Resolute Support spins loss of Sangin district center as a victory - Long War Journal

After months of heavy fighting in Sangin, the Taliban took control of the district's center in Helmand province last night. Yet, Resolute Support – NATO's mission in Afghanistan – attempted to claim victory. Resolute Support tweeted a statement which ...and more »

Taliban Take an Afghan District, Sangin, That Many Marines Died to Keep - New York Times

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The Taliban captured the strategic district of Sangin in the southern province of Helmand on Thursday, according to local officials. It was the culmination of a yearslong offensive that took the lives of more combatants than ...and more »

US general: Russia may be supplying Taliban fighters -

The top US general in Europe said on Thursday he has seen growing Russian influence on the Afghan Taliban, and raised the possibility that Moscow was helping supply the fighters. Russia has been critical of the US over its handling of the war in ...and more »

How Trump Should Manage Afghanistan - Foreign Affairs

During his February 28, 2017, address to a joint session of Congress, U.S. President Donald Trump vowed to “demolish and destroy” terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (also known as ISIS). Although most U.S. media coverage has focused on U.S. ...and more »

Afghan Taliban signal growing strength with key district capture - Reuters

KABUL (Reuters) - Taliban fighters have captured the strategic district of Sangin in the southern Afghan province of Helmand after security forces pulled out, leaving the district center to the insurgents, officials said on Thursday.and more »

Donald Trump has three choices in Afghanistan: stalemate, failure, or sending in more troops - ABC Online

The continuing, if forgotten, war in Afghanistan is the United States' longest-ever conflict. Key points: America's top general in Afghanistan says the war is currently in a stalemate; One expert fears that history could repeat itself in the country ...and more »

Why Sangin's fall to the Taliban matters - BBC News

The Taliban's capture of the strategically-located Sangin, once considered the deadliest battlefield for US and British troops in Afghanistan, will increase the group's mobility in the north of the province and give it control of an important supply ...and more »

Taliban takes key district in Helmand province - Long War Journal

The Taliban seized the district of Sangin in southern Helmand province, forcing Afghan troops to withdrawal and Coalition forces to launch airstrikes to destroy bases and government facilities left behind. Sangin has been a battleground in Helmand for ...and more »

America Can't Terror-Proof Afghanistan - The National Interest Online

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a conflict in possession of no military solution must be in want of more troops. Or so one would think from the recommendations on how to succeed in Afghanistan made by Gen. John Nicholson, the force ...and more »