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Las Vegas gunman shot hotel security guard before firing into festival crowd: sheriff -

Law enforcement authorities on Monday made a significant change to the timeline of the Las Vegas mass shooting, saying the gunman shot a hotel security guard before he opened fire on concert-goers. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo had previously said ...and more »

New timeline suggests Las Vegas gunman could have been taken down sooner -

The revised timeline given by investigators for the Las Vegas massacre raises questions about whether better communication might have allowed police to respond more quickly and take out the gunman before he killed and wounded so many people. On Monday ...and more »

Vegas gunman's 'secret life' slowing search for motive -

Those seeking to know the motive of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock have had little more to chase than hints and shadows. Paddock led such a low-key, private life that no one seemed to know him well, and those who did had no sense he was capable of ...and more »

No Manifesto, No Phone Calls: Las Vegas Killer Left Only Cryptic Clues - New York Times

Read the latest on the Las Vegas shooting with Friday's live updates. LAS VEGAS — The man who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub last year pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, in a 911 call, as the massacre unfolded. The sniper who shot to ...and more »

Las Vegas hotel worker warned of shooter before massacre started -

Newly-released audio from a Mandalay Bay hotel employee reveals a hotel security guard was shot minutes before gunman Stephen paddock opened fire outside his hotel window. X. - A A +. Listen. A maintenance worker said Wednesday he told hotel ...and more »

Las Vegas: Team that stormed Paddock's room reveal 'deadly game of hide-and-seek' - Sky News

The officers who raided Stephen Paddock's hotel room reveal they were "tripping over guns" as they entered his "eerie" lair. 13:53, UK, Monday 09 October 2017. Two of the arsenal of weapons found inside Paddock's room. Pic. Image: Two of the ...and more »

After revelation that casino guard was shot before Las Vegas massacre began, unanswered questions loom - Washington Post

When the Las Vegas gunman arrived at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino late last month, he assembled "an armory" in his room, according to one of the police officers who went inside. Authorities said Stephen Paddock, 64, had secreted nearly two dozen ...and more »

Police no closer to motive for Las Vegas shootings - Financial Times

Five days into their investigation into the mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds more, the FBI and local police say they are still no closer to figuring out the killer's motive. Investigators have begun a billboard ...and more »

Las Vegas shooter believed to have used hotel's freight elevator before attack - CBS News

Last Updated Oct 10, 2017 4:55 PM EDT. Law enforcement sources told CBS News that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is believed to have used the freight elevator at the Mandalay Bay hotel casino in the days leading up to last week's deadly attack. It ...and more »

Las Vegas Shooting: At a Loss on Motive, FBI Turns to Billboards for Leads - New York Times

LAS VEGAS — Still unable to identify a motive five days after the massacre of 58 concertgoers, local and federal officials sounded increasingly desperate for leads on Friday, announcing plans to erect billboards with the message, “If you know ...and more »