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SpaceX looks to historic Pad 39A for Falcon 9 flight operations -

Following the loss of its Falcon 9 rocket during a static fire test, SpaceX is deep into a failure investigation process, which includes an assessment of the damage suffered by SLC-40 at the Cape Canaveral. With that pad likely to be out of action for ...and more »

Elon Musk says launch-pad rocket fireball poses SpaceX's biggest puzzle yet - GeekWire

SpaceX blast scene A video stream from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida shows smoke rising from a SpaceX launch pad blast. (Credit: NASA). SpaceX's billionaire founder, Elon Musk, says the launch-pad explosion that resulted in the loss of a ...and more »

SpaceX Leads Probe Into Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion - Wall Street Journal

The investigation of a Falcon 9 rocket that exploded during ground tests last week highlights the primacy of industry self-regulation when commercial space operations run into trouble. Federal authorities aren't leading the probe into what caused the ...and more »

Elon Musk asks for help in deciphering the mystery of SpaceX rocket explosion - The Tech Portal

All were shocked by the sudden explosion that took down SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket on September 1st. The launch was scheduled to take place from the Cape Canaveral launch pad. However, in a tragic turn of events, the rocket exploded, also destroying the ...and more »

How to insure something that blows up once every twenty times you use it - Quartz

On top, hundreds of millions of dollars of sensitive technology. On the bottom, 395 metric tons of explosives. (SpaceX). Share. Written by. Tim Fernholz. Obsession. Space Business. September 10, 2016. Sophisticated satellites cost hundreds of millions ...and more »

Here's how SpaceX is figuring out what went horribly wrong with its rocket - Business Insider

falcon 9 rocket july 2011 dave mosher A man takes a photo of a Falcon 9 rocket booster on July 6, 2011. Courtesy Dave Mosher On September 1, a SpaceX rocket suddenly exploded during a routine launchpad test. Elon Musk has called the accident "the most ...and more »

Elon Musk: SpaceX's fireball is 'the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had' - Business Insider

elon musk falcon 9 rocket launchpad explosion getty uslaunchreport 4x3 Elon Musk, left, the founder of SpaceX, and the September 1 explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket, right, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Max Whitaker/Getty Images; ...and more »

Iridium remains fully behind SpaceX as Musk hints at difficult investigation - SpaceNews

Artist view of an IRIDIUM NEXT satellite. The IRIDIUM NEXT operation is a modernisation programme Iridium Chief Financial Officer Thomas J. Fitzpatrick said the company had no real concerns about SpaceX's ability to return to flight. Iridium has ...and more »

Elon Musk: SpaceX rocket explosion is 'most difficult' failure in 14 years - CNNMoney

Elon Musk is still trying to pinpoint the source of a huge chain of explosions that destroyed SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket last week at Cape Canaveral. "Still working on the Falcon fireball investigation," Musk said on Twitter. "Turning out to be the most ...and more »

Musk: No answers so far in 'difficult' failure investigation - Spaceflight Now

SpaceX is more than a week into a company-led probe of a launch pad explosion Sept. 1 that destroyed a Falcon 9 booster and an Israeli communications satellite, but the investigation so far has turned up no smoking gun on the cause of the mishap, Elon ...and more »