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Assessing the Six-Day War, 50 years later - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Fifty years ago — in May 1967 — Egypt's president Gamal Abdul Nasser intimidated U.N. Secretary of General U Thant into withdrawing the United Nations peacekeeping force from the Egyptian-Israel border. Nasser then declared the closing of the Straits ...and more »

Ex-UN envoy Bolton to JPost: Trump has no chance at ultimate peace deal - The Jerusalem Post

In an exclusive interview with the 'Post' the former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton said: "I don't think the two-state solution is viable anymore." By Yonah Jeremy Bob. May 29, 2017 20:46. 1 minute read.and more »

Diplomat in chief: How did Trump do on his first Middle East visit? - The Conversation US

President Donald Trump received both pageantry and a warm reception on his first trip to the Middle East. Whether bowing his head to receive the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar from Saudi Arabian King Salman, gathering around the “glowing orb” at the ...and more »

Trump's ultimate deal for Palestine is meaningless - The National

The Palestinians are divided and politically weakened by decades of Israeli occupation, writes Joseph Dana. Joseph Dana. May 28, 2017. Updated: May 28, 2017 04:00 AM. 0. shares. 0. shares. x. Donald Trump's desire to accelerate a peace deal and the ...and more »

Netanyahu: Israeli land swaps with Palestinians won't bring peace - The Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu also said that any peace agreement with the Palestinians would require an Israeli military presence in all of the West Bank. By ARIEL WHITMAN. May 30, 2017 12:20. 2 minute read. > Netanyahu: Israel doesn't have 'diplomatic blank check' ...and more »

Israeli Cabinet Approves Controversial Plan to Build Cable Car to Western Wall - Haaretz

The cabinet, which convened in the Western Wall Tunnels on Sunday to mark Jerusalem Day, approved a plan to build a cable car to the Western Wall. The cable car project, which has been pushed aggressively over the past two years by the Jerusalem ...and more »

5 takeaways from Trump's first overseas trip as president - The Hill

With his first trip abroad as president behind him, when President Trump Donald John TrumpOver 100 lawmakers consistently voted against chemical safeguards: study CNN's Anderson Cooper unloads on Trump Jr. for spreading 'idiotic' conspiracy theories ...and more »

Trump's Plan for Middle East Peace Could Actually Work - Foreign Policy (blog)

During his visit to Israel this week, U.S. President Donald Trump made the strongest public link thus far between two important initiatives: reviving Israeli-Palestinian peace and creating an Israeli-Arab alliance to confront Iran. At his main event ...and more »

The Trump effect: Slight uptick in Palestinian support for peace talks - The Jerusalem Post

Poll finds plurality of Palestinians believe Trump is at least somewhat capable of achieving a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. By Adam Rasgon. May 28, 2017 17:09. 2 minute read. > 78% of Israelis say peace not possible, split if PM serious to ...and more »

By backing Saudi Arabia's vision of the Middle East, Trump may be sowing the seeds of conflict - Washington Post

ISTANBUL — In a speech intended to galvanize Arab and Muslim leaders against threats from extremists and Iran, President Trump demanded unity from his audience in Saudi Arabia, and focus. “One goal transcends every other consideration,” he said to the ...and more »