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Percentage of female Bundestag deputies hits a 19-year low - Deutsche Welle

When German women were given the vote back in 1919, even the most optimistic of suffragettes would likely have considered the idea of a female chancellor — and, what's more, one who's about to begin her fourth term in office — little more than a pipe ...and more »

Only respect for the 'left behind' can turn the populist tide - The Guardian

It's not just economic disadvantage that is powering the rise of rightwing nationalism in Europe and the US. Contact author. @fromTGA. Thu 28 Sep 2017 14.53 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 11.15 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share ...and more »

Germany's Right-Wing Populists Are Importing US-Style Campaign Tactics - The Atlantic

About two weeks before election day in Germany, ads for a new website from the right-wing populist party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) began popping up online across the country. “Angela Merkel: The Oathbreaker,” the website read, with a menacing, ...and more »

Handling the Alternative for Germany - Foreign Affairs

“We will hunt her,” Alexander Gauland exclaimed to a crowd of supporters in Berlin late on September 24. “We will hunt Mrs. Merkel and whomever else. And we will take our country and our people back.” Gauland's party, the right-wing Alternative for ...and more »

Germany's 'Trump country:' Why small towns abandoned mainstream parties for far right - USA TODAY

DORFCHEMNITZ, Germany — Retired farmer Gerd Mazanec normally votes for one of Germany's mainstream parties. But in last Sunday's parliamentary elections, he cast his ballot for the far-right Alternative For Germany (AfD). Mazanec's complaint: ...and more »

Mutter Needs More Courage - Outlook India

To a large number of Germans, Angela Merkel has been a symbol of stability, competence and success. A pastor's daughter who grew up in Communist East Germany to earn a doctorate in quantum chemistry and then went on to become the most powerful ...and more »

German public backs Angela Merkel's plans for a 'Jamaica coalition': survey - Deutsche Welle

Fortunately for Chancellor Angela Merkel, the most likely option when it comes to forming a governing coalition for the new Bundestag — the "Jamaica coalition" — would have the public's blessing. A poll commissioned by the German broadcaster ZDF ...and more »

German consensus politics must adapt to the adversarial approach of the AfD - EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (blog)

Consensus building is often cited as one of the core features of German political culture, but do the results of the 2017 federal elections suggest a different approach is required by the country's mainstream parties? Ross Campbell highlights that with ...and more »

Far-Right Gains Leave Germans Wondering, What Now? - New York Times

BERLIN — As the results of Germany's election last Sunday flashed on her television screen in the western city of Cologne, Kirsten Schindler, watched with a mixture of confusion and dismay. For the first time in decades, a far-right party, the ...and more »

'We Don't Like Islamic Invasion': The Leader of Germany's Rising Right Speaks Out - The Atlantic

In the raw hours after the recent German election, politicians struggled to process one result in particular. Alternative for Germany (AfD)—an upstart populist party incensed by the influx of Muslim refugees and migrants into Germany since 2015—had ...and more »