Smart condoms: like Fitbit for sex – and you can even share your stats - The Guardian

Ever wondered how many calories you're burning in the bedroom? The i.Con condom, which keeps track of your sex stats, could be the answer. The i.Con leaves nothing to the imagination. Photograph: British Condoms. Sex · Pass notes ...and more »

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The i.Con is actually a 'smart' ring that fits over a standard dumb condom and tracks your sexual activity. If you ever looked at your wearable gadget and wished it would tell you how good you are at sex, then we have some news for you. The i.Con Smart ...and more »

i.Con wants to be the Fitbit for your penis - Alphr

Where do you draw the line at Internet of Things sensors? My personal rule in life is “never put anything with a micro-USB charging port down your pants”, and it's one that has served me well to date. Still, the sexual Columbuses over at British ...and more »

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While Fitbit, Jawbone, Pebble and others all struggle to live up to early hype, one small startup in the English Midlands may just have cracked it. British Condoms, a 14-strong company that operates out of an otherwise unremarkable business park in ...and more »

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The Moneyball-era Oakland A's improved their on-field performance by using advanced statistics to build the best baseball team they could. In the bedroom, wearable devices like SexFit and Lovely bring a similar approach to less clothed athletics.and more »

Monitor your sex life with a Fitbit for your junk - Salon

Because we live in a world of social media obsession and our lives are basically open books, researchers have developed a “smart condom” that can let everyone know just how well you're doing in bed. Called the i.Con Smart Condom, the British Condoms ...and more »

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Sexual performance statistics can be shared with your 'friends' in what must be the most masochistic form of protection. The i.Con by British Condoms is the world's first 'smart condom', despite the fact that safe sex is always smart – right lads ...and more »

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In a world where you can track how many steps you take each day or how many hours you sleep at night, there should be a device that measures a man's penis health too, right? Right. Related: Netflix And Chill Or Netflix And Cheat? New Study Reveals ...and more »

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"Have you ever wondered how many calories you're burning during intercourse? How many thrusts? Speed of your thrusts? The duration of your sessions? Frequency? How many different positions you use in the period of a week, month or year?and more »

High-Tech Condom Ring Coming Out To Measure Boink Performance - Huffington Post

“Users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world,” the manufacturer promises. By Mary Papenfuss. Courtesy British Condoms. It's kind of a Fitbit for your junk.and more »