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Chemical Weapons Aren't the Real Problem in Syria - Foreign Policy (blog)

Fire and smoke billow following a reported car bomb explosion at a Syrian pro-government position during clashes between rebel fighters and regime forces to take control of an area in the southern city of Daraa on February 20, 2017. / AFP / MOHAMAD ...and more »

How Iran enables Syria's chemical warfare against civilians - Jerusalem Post Israel News

Tehran built equipment to produce 'hundreds of tons of precursors for VX, sarin and mustard gas. By Benjamin Weinthal. April 17, 2017 21:06. 4 minute read. > After 'atrocious' chemical attack, where does Syria go from here? > Islamic State seeking ...and more »

Absurdity is questioning a dictator's motives -

Saying the Assad regime is behind the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack does not mean calling for World War III. Malak Chabkoun by Malak Chabkoun. 21 Apr 2017. Absurdity is questioning a dictator's motives. A child receiving treatment at a field hospital ...and more »

Why so many Syrians living abroad support US intervention - Washington Post

On April 4, the Syrian regime dropped a toxic chemical on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province, killing at least 69 people, including many children. This incident was the most widely publicized chemical weapons attack since the 2013 attack in ...and more »

Israel: Assad still in possession of several tons of chemical weapons - Deutsche Welle

Israeli defense officials have said the Syrian regime still has up to three tons of chemical weapons. The international community has blamed the Syrian military for the gas attack in Idlib that killed some 90 people. Syrien Bürgerkrieg Aleppo Wandbild ...and more »

Richard Epstein: The World Will Now Think Twice Before They Mess With Us - Newsweek

04_21_Trump_Action_01 An American soldier at the U.S. army base in Qayyara, south of Mosul, October 25, 2016. Richard Epstein writes that even though the military significance of the U.S. attack on the airfield in Syria and the dropping of the Mother ...and more »

Syria chemical attack: Authority finds 'incontrovertible' evidence of Sarin - CNN

(CNN) International chemical weapons inspectors have found "incontrovertible" evidence that Sarin gas, or a similar substance, was used in a chemical attack in Syria earlier this month that killed 89 people. The Organization for the Prohibition of ...and more »

Global watchdog: There's 'incontrovertible' evidence sarin was used in Syria chemical weapons attack - Business Insider

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Sarin or a similar banned toxin was used in an attack in Syria's Idlib province on April 4 that killed nearly 90 people, the global chemical weapons watchdog said on Wednesday. The finding supported earlier testing by Turkish and ...and more »

Why America Cares About Chemical Weapons - The Atlantic

Like ​The Atlantic? Subscribe to ​The Atlantic Daily​, our free weekday email newsletter. On April 6, Donald Trump initiated his first war, by launching dozens of cruise missiles against the Syrian regime, following its use of chemical weapons. U.S ...and more »

Assad Moves The Bulk Of His Air Power To Russia's Air Base In Syria - The Drive

Just as predicted, because of the reckless and counterproductive US missile strike on Syria, Assad's military capability will be a much harder nut to crack in the future. By Tyler RogowayApril 19, 2017. The War Zone · Air Base · assad · Assad ...and more »