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Nintendo reveals more about region-free games, Netflix on Switch and the death of the Wii U -

After questions were raised about apps on the Nintendo Switch, the firm has confirmed the console won't have media streaming capabilities at launch. Nintendo doesn't rule out adding such apps later, telling Kotaku "support for video-streaming services ...and more »

Nintendo Switch vs Wii U: What's the difference? -

But there is still one big question we are asked most often: "Should I buy this or get a discounted Wii U?" Especially as the latter game is available for the Switch and Nintendo's older console. By all accounts, it even offers a very similar ...and more »

Here's Another Look at the Nintendo Switch UI, and More Games Revealed - GameSpot

Posted on Twitter today by publisher Nicalis, the image shows Nicalis-published games such as The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, 1001 Spikes, and Cave Story, the latter two of which were not confirmed for the console until today. In terms of the menu ...and more »

Nintendo Switch To Sell 40 Million Units By The End Of 2020, Research Firm Says: What Do You Think? - Tech Times

Nintendo has previously said that it will have 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch available for its global launch date of March 3, but it has not released any official sales predictions on the upcoming hybrid console. DFC Intelligence has now taken ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Battery Analysis Reveals No Quick Charge Technology, Faster Charging Through Adapter Than On ... - Tech Times

The Nintendo Switch is set to have its global launch on March 3, with demand so high that supply shortage issues are expected for the upcoming hybrid console. It is easy to understand why gamers are eager to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch ...and more »

Nintendo's new console has a bizarrely named controller — here's why - Business Insider

Nintendo's new console isn't named something ridiculous like "Wii" or — worse— "Wii U." It's simply named the "Switch." That name comes from the Switch's gimmick: You can switch from playing it at home to playing it on-the-go by simply removing it ...and more »

Win or lose, Nintendo Switch heralds a big change for the 127-year-old company - Business Insider

The general feeling among fans and industry-watchers alike is that the Nintendo Switch, the $299 console launching on March 3rd, is a make-or-break moment for the 127-year-old company. Success would validate Nintendo's strategy of building unique ...and more »

The best way to play Nintendo's new game console isn't available for sale yet - Business Insider

Nintendo's upcoming video game console, the Switch, is versatile. It's a home console; it's a portable console; it can act as a portable display for you and a friend to play multiplayer games. It slices! It dices! nintendo switch Here's how you might ...and more »

The Switch To Fail Like The Wii U? Nintendo Boss Says It Won't - Tech Times

Reggie Fils-Aime believes the Nintendo Switch won't replicate the Wii U's failure. The latter is Nintendo's home console released more than four years ago, which has been discontinued. Lack of third-party interest dissuaded a huge number of gamers from ...and more »

Nintendo Switch will give mobile gaming a much needed boost - SlashGear

Nintendo fans are just counting the days, even if there are still weeks, to the Nintendo Switch's launch. Critics are waiting with bated breath to see how expectations and marketing will match both reality and sales. Some people will love it, some will ...and more »