Nintendo reveals details of Switch console - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When it comes to Nintendo's handling of their upcoming flagship console the Switch, the video game giant seemed to have timed things just right. The Switch was fully revealed and detailed during a press conference by Nintendo president Tatsumi ...and more »

Analyst: Nintendo Switch Will Sell 40 Million Units in Four Years - Game Rant

One analysis firm expects that the upcoming Nintendo Switch console will reach 40 million units sold within its first four years of release, putting it on PS4 and Xbox One pace. A report this week from DFC Intelligence has predicted that the Nintendo ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Gets Another Launch Title - GameSpot

There will be a physical version of Afterbirth+ available at retail, while the game will also be sold digitally via the Nintendo eShop. The $40 package comes with Rebirth, Afterbirth, and Afterbirth+. Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez teased that the ...and more »

Nintendo Switch: it's a handheld first, not a console - The Guardian

The 3DS, Nintendo's current handheld console, is six years old this year. Since its debut in 2011, over 60 million have been sold worldwide – sneaking it into the top ten highest-selling games devices of all time. In stark contrast, the Wii U has ...and more »

Nintendo Switch will give mobile gaming a much needed boost - SlashGear

Nintendo fans are just counting the days, even if there are still weeks, to the Nintendo Switch's launch. Critics are waiting with bated breath to see how expectations and marketing will match both reality and sales. Some people will love it, some will ...and more »

Nintendo reveals more about region-free games, Netflix on Switch and the death of the Wii U -

After questions were raised about apps on the Nintendo Switch, the firm has confirmed the console won't have media streaming capabilities at launch. ADVERTISEMENT. Nintendo doesn't rule out adding such apps later, telling Kotaku "support for ...and more »

What Nintendo must do this year to survive -

We asked Brian Blau, Research Vice President at games industry analysts Gartner, for his assessment... Story by Charlie Burton. Friday 20 January 2017. Photography by Nintendo. Story by. Charlie Burton. Senior Commissioning Editor. Following him on ...and more »

Nintendo Switch won't support Wii or Wii U games, and won't have Netflix at launch - Digital Spy

The launch of the Nintendo Switch is only a month and a bit away (March 3) and there are still lots of things we want to know about it. Unfortunately the Big N is remaining tight-lipped about certain specifics of the system at launch and its long-term ...and more »

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But there is still one big question we are asked most often: "Should I buy this or get a discounted Wii U?" Especially as the latter game is available for the Switch and Nintendo's older console. By all accounts, it even offers a very similar ...and more »

Nintendo Switch Predicted To Sell 40 Million Systems By End Of 2020 - GameSpot

According to DFC, 2 million units for March and a launch lineup of fewer than 10 titles might impact the console's ability to have a very strong start. "Demand is expected to be strong and the major issue will be whether the system can attract a broad ...and more »