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Cracking Hawija: Iraqi security forces and US-led coalition edge closer to defeat ISIS - The Jerusalem Post

US Col. Charles Costanza discusses how US-led coalition targets ISIS and avoids civilian casualties. By Seth J. Frantzman. October 1, 2017 19:55. 3 minute read. > Jpost on the frontline: Inside the US-led coalition helping destroy ISIS in Mosul ...and more »

Captured ISIS Fighters' Refrain: 'I Was Only a Cook' - New York Times

KIRKUK, Iraq — Thousands of civilians fleeing the Iraqi military's push to evict the Islamic State from its last major urban stronghold in Iraq now include hundreds of suspected fighters for the extremist group, dirty and disheveled, who arrive at ...and more »

Sheikh of Snipers dies in battle: Veteran Iraqi fighter, 63, killed 320 ISIS jihadis, boasted of at least four hits ... - Daily Mail

A veteran fighter known as 'the sheikh of snipers' has been killed in Iraq's battle to retake the town of Hawija from the Islamic State group, his paramilitary force announced on Saturday. Abu Tahsin al-Salhi, who took part in conflicts dating back to ...and more »

Iraqi Forces Recapture 25 Kirkuk Villages from ISIS - Al-Bawaba

Iraqi forces recaptured late on Sunday, a military airport and 25 villages in Iraq's northern city of Kirkuk from ISIS, according to an Iraqi military source. The country's army forces and the Hashd al-Shaabi [a unit of the Iraqi army] have liberated ...and more »

Iraq's famed 'sheikh of snipers' killed in battle for IS-held al-Hawija - The New Arab

A veteran sniped from Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi militias famed for having reportedly killing over 300 Islamic State group militants has been killed in the battle for Hawija. Tags: IS, Iraq, Hawija, Sheikh of Snipers, Abu Tahsin alp. A veteran Iraqi ...and more »

Islamic State drone-maker killed flying weaponized device in Hawija - Iraqi News

Hawija ( Islamic State's member responsible for flying drones was killed in an explosion on Sunday at the town of Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, as government troops advance to retake the town. The so-nicknamed “al-Mulla” was killed in an ...and more »

Iraqi 'sheikh sniper' who claimed to have killed 320 IS fighters dies in battle - South China Morning Post

A veteran fighter known as “the sheikh of snipers” has been killed in Iraq's battle to retake the town of Hawija from Islamic State, his paramilitary force announced. Abu Tahsin al-Salhi, who took part in conflicts dating back to the 1973 Arab-Israeli ...and more »

Iraq's 'sheikh sniper,' who fought IDF in '73, killed in battle - The Times of Israel

Iraqi Abu Tahsin al-Salhi, left, a veteran sniper from the Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization units), who boasted about killing at least 320 Islamic State group fighters, seen during the fight for the Iraqi city of Mosul, April 26, 2017. (AFP ...and more »

Islamic State senior leader, brothers, killed in Hawija air raid - Iraqi News

Hawija ( A senior Islamic State commander and his brothers were killed Sunday in an air raid that targeted a group-held property in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk as military operations proceed to clear the town from militants. A local ...and more »

Iraqi marksman – nicknamed the 'sheikh of snipers' – has died in battle after killing at least 320 ISIS thugs - The Sun

Silver-bearded Abu Tahsin al-Salhi, 63 — dubbed the Sheikh of Snipers and Hawk-Eye — boasted of slaying a minimum of four a day. The 63-year old boasted that he killed four ISIS fighters each day. AFP or licensors. 6. The 63-year old boasted that he ...and more »