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US bombs road in drive to block ISIS fighters in Syria - The Jerusalem Post

“Relocating terrorists from one place to another for someone else to deal with is not a lasting solution.” By Seth J. Frantzman. August 30, 2017 15:13. 3 minute read. > 'We did it': Iraqi army crushes ISIS in Tal Afar, but questions remain · >. Why did ...and more »

Why did Syria, Hezbollah bus ISIS fighters near Iraq? - The Jerusalem Post

In 2009, before the Syrian civil war, a bus ride from Homs to Deir al-Zor on the Euphrates River would take around five or six hours. There was a stop for refreshments just outside of the historic city of Palmyra. Now fighters from Islamic State are ...and more »

Hezbollah Buses ISIS Fighters Across Syria As US Mulls Striking Convoy - The Drive

The Lebanese militants let the terrorists flee eastward, infuriating the US-led coalition and its partners. By Joseph TrevithickAugust 30, 2017. The War Zone · cease fires · counter-terrorism · Deir al-Zor · hezbollah · Iran · Iraq · isis · Kurds ...and more »

Trapped in the ruins of Raqqa, we're reduced to stealing from the dead - The Guardian

Over 1,000 civilians have died – and with no electricity, water or food, those of us still here are reduced to extreme measures just to survive. Mon 28 Aug 2017 06.30 EDT Last modified on Sat 14 Apr 2018 13.53 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter ...and more »

Lebanon declares 'victory' over Isis but angers US by letting militants flee to Syria - The Independent

After a week-long campaign to oust Isis from its territory on the Lebanon-Syria border, Lebanese President Michel Aoun has declared the country has been victorious over the militant group - but angry Iraqi and US coalition officials have pointed out ...and more »

US Airstrikes Block Convoy Transferring ISIS Fighters - New York Times

BEIRUT, Lebanon — American airstrikes stranded a convoy of Islamic State fighters in the middle of Syria on Wednesday, punctuating the United States military's anger over a deal struck a few days earlier giving them safe passage to militant-held ...and more »

Nasrallah: Netanyahu's crying over ISIS's surrender - Ynetnews

Following what he calls 'the surrender of ISIS' in Lebanon, Hezbollah Sec. Gen. Nasrallah claims 'ISIS was supposed to destroy our region and hand it over completely to US and Israel.' Roi Kais|Published: 08.28.17 , 22:51. Hezbollah Secretary General ...and more »

Lebanon hails 'victory' over ISIS on Syrian border - Ynetnews

The Lebanese army was greeted warmly Wednesday upon its return to the country following the conclusion of the "Dawn of the Mountains" operation, at the end of which ISIS was forced to withdraw from its enclave on the Syrian border. Follow Ynetnews on ...and more »

Drone Shows Raqqa in Ruins as Kurdish Commander Says ISIS Capital Will Fall in Two Months - Haaretz

The battle to oust Islamic State from its stronghold in the Syrian city of Raqqa should end within two months, a top-ranking Kurdish commander told Reuters, but said she expects the fighting to intensify. Nowruz Ahmed sits on the military council of ...and more »

US Threat to Bomb Evacuation Convoy 'Attempt to Regain Lost Initiative in Syria' - Sputnik International

US officials have blasted a Hezbollah-brokered deal allowing for the evacuation of Daesh fighters and their families from the Syrian-Lebanese border to eastern Syria. Speaking to Sputnik, political scientist Dmitri Yevstafeev said that Washington's ...and more »