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What's a C-wire, and why should you care? - CNET

Installing the Honeywell Lyric thermostat. Colin West McDonald/CNET. In a New York Times article published yesterday, writer Nick Bilton discusses a software glitch that caused his Nest Learning Thermostats to stop working. As Bilton describes it ...and more »

Nest thermostat owners left without heating after software glitch -

Owners of the popular Nest “smart” thermostat were left unable to heat their homes after a glitch in the internet-connected controller forced it to shut down. The company admitted that that a software update had gone wrong, forcing the thermostat's ...and more »

Nest thermostat bug leaves users cold - BBC News

A software bug that caused Nest's smart thermostat to stop working has left many users both cold and angry. Some of those affected took to Nest's own forum and social media to vent their anger about the problem. Nest said that it was aware of the issue ...and more »

Nest Issues Update to Fix Thermostat Glitches - eWeek

Google-owned smart thermostat maker Nest has released a software update to address an issue causing the battery in some of its devices to either shut down completely or behave in an erratic manner. The over-the-air update has been pushed out ...and more »

Software bug forced Nest thermostats offline - Engadget

A Nest software update in December came with a hidden surprise: a bug that drains the thermostat's battery and ultimately deactivates the device. Users were caught by surprise, and in the case of The New York Times writer Nick Bilton, he woke up to a ...and more »

Smart thermostat bug leaves early-adopters offline (and cold) in winter -

The Internet of Things is the friendly, catch-all name for the ongoing process to attach some combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen to almost every product in the average home. While that idea has already led to some intriguing ...and more »

Nest thermostat owners having their heating turned off because of bug - The Independent

A problem with the software appears to be leading the battery to run out, even if the thermostat is actually plugged in. Andrew Griffin · @_andrew_griffin; Friday 15 January 2016 11:59. Click to follow. The Independent Tech. A bug in Nest's smart ...and more »

Google Nest's battery-drain: Chilly users turn up heat over thermostat software glitch - ZDNet

Google's Nest thermometer is acting up. Image: CNET. A software glitch in Google firm Nest's smart thermostats is causing havoc in households, leaving some owners hot under the collar with cold homes. Nest thermostats are meant to be a smarter way to ...and more »

Nest smart thermostat glitch leaves cold feet and steaming mad customers - Naked Security

January: it depends where you live, but for many of us, it's a time of year that makes the news of a bug in our internet-controlled smart thermostats a chilling prospect. And Nest, maker of the Nest Learning Thermostat, confirmed last week that the ...and more »

Nest thermostat owners out in the cold after software update cockup - The Register

Owners of Nest's space-age thermostats are boiling with rage after a software update left them frigid – and facing a long process to get the devices back up and running. The problem stems from firmware version 5.1.3, which was pushed out to homes in ...and more »