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Netanyahu vows to 'give back' south Tel Aviv to Israelis - The Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged Thursday to “give back” south Tel Aviv to Israeli residents by keeping out “illegal infiltrators” seeking asylum from war-torn Sudan and Eritrea who inhabit the beleaguered neighborhood. Accompanied by Public ...and more »

Netanyahu on African 'Infiltrators': We Will Return South Tel Aviv to Israelis - Haaretz

Three days after Israel's top court ruled that African asylum seekers can be deported to Rwanda and Uganda, but only can be held in detention for sixty days, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited south Tel Aviv neighborhoods and the area around the ...and more »

PM pledges to 'return south Tel Aviv to Israel' amid migration row - Ynetnews

Three days after the High Court restricts detention of illegal migrants to 60 days, Netanyahu addresses crowds in south Tel Aviv, promising to clamp down on bosses offering illegal employment, and advancing legislation to circumvent court's decision ...and more »

Netanyahu Shamelessly Vilifies the Left as the Crowd Chants 'King Bibi' - Haaretz

Ayelet Shaked is angry again. Supposedly. The shrewd politician, who calculates her moves with care, is accusing her accusers. “I am the victim of wild incitement,” the justice minister said this week in the midst of the latest storm, this one swirling ...and more »

When Israelis protest, they don't tear down statues; they put them up - The Times of Israel

Israel has few official statues of its leaders, but artists and activists, subverting rather than celebrating their subjects, are starting to make up for that. By Andrew Tobin 1 September 2017, 8:59 pm 2 Edit · Facebook · Twitter · email; Print; 128 ...and more »

Netanyahu ramps up Supreme Court migrant anger in visit to south Tel Aviv - i24NEWS

'The residents of south Tel Aviv are the ones who became refugees in their own country' said a gov't minister. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the economically depressed neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv will be returned "to the ...and more »

'South Tel Aviv will be returned to its residents' - Arutz Sheva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu toured south Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon and promised residents that he would take action to return illegal infiltrators to their home countries or other countries willing to receive them. Although his government ...and more »

Forced by court order, Netanyahu reveals 230 calls to Israel Hayom editor - The Times of Israel

PM also says he had over 100 phone conversations in same 2012-2015 period with the newspaper's owner, Sheldon Adelson. By Raoul Wootliff 31 August 2017, 8:51 pm 3 Edit · Facebook · Twitter · email; Print; 116 shares. Raoul Wootliff is the The Times of ...and more »

Ex-PM mocks Netanyahu's 230 calls to newspaper editor - The Times of Israel

Responding to Netanyahu's claim that 'all politicians speak to publishers,' Ehud Barak lists total of seven times he spoke with media chiefs. By Raoul Wootliff and TOI staff 2 September 2017, 1:57 am 1 Edit · Facebook · Twitter · email; Print; 10 ...and more »

Netanyahu Parrots Trump, Calling Media 'Fake News' Over Corruption Coverage - Mintpress News (blog)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused media outlets in the country of plotting his downfall, slamming the “fake news industry” for overplaying corruption allegations against him. Netanyahu, who has been serving his second stint as prime ...and more »