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Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Be $20/Year, Includes Classic Games [UPDATE] - Kotaku

Nintendo Switch's online service will cost $20/year and will launch at some point in 2018, the publisher said today. Playing Switch games online will be free until the service launches. Error loading player: No playable sources found. You can also get ...and more »

NES Classic will return (kind of) in updated Nintendo Switch online service - Ars Technica

Nintendo's first foray into a paid online gaming service received two major shake-ups on Thursday: a delay and a content upgrade. A Nintendo announcement clarified that Nintendo Switch Online's original paid launch window of "fall 2017" has been bumped ...and more »

Switch's first “chat headset” is a mess, and that's Nintendo's fault - Ars Technica

If you want to hear your friends and your Nintendo Switch game action at the same time on a headset, you'll need a smart device-compatible setup like Hori's. Hori. Lots of "hardcore" gaming headsets come with volume dongles like Hori's, but just ...and more »

Watch a Nintendo Switch Survive a Fall From 1000 Feet - Motherboard

Here we have the latest in Nintendo Switch stress tests: a drop from a drone flying at 1,000 feet. Five-foot drops are for the weak-willed. True stress tests should include the scenario where you're flinging the Switch from your 90th-story building ...and more »

Nintendo details Splatoon 2 and ARMS E3 tournaments - Nintendo

Nintendo is bringing some incredible social, competitive tournaments to this year's E3 video game trade show. Over the course of two days, fans around the world can watch online as both pros and amateurs compete for glory in the Splatoon 2 and ARMS ...and more »

A 3D printer gave my Nintendo Switch a real D-pad - Engadget

Okay, "make" might be a bit of an overstatement -- I didn't personally design or print anything -- but when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to run anything through his new magic 3D fabrication machine, I knew exactly what I wanted. Just days after ...and more »

Nintendo Switch EShop Adds Its Second New Game Of The Week - GameSpot

Switch owners will have another game option on the eShop beginning today, Nintendo has announced. It marks the second new release of the week. Today's addition is the latest title in the ACA Neo Geo line: Last Resort. Unlike so many of the other Neo ...and more »

We finally know how much Nintendo's subscription service costs - CNET

The Nintendo Switch online service is launching in 2018, and it'll cost you about $20 a year. (That's US pricing, and converts to around £15 or AU$30). It's the first time Nintendo is charging for online play, but the good news is it's also throwing in ...and more »

Nintendo Switch online features will cost just $20 a year - Engadget

When Nintendo announced that the Switch would feature a paid online subscription model like Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, it was vague on the details. We knew the service would cost less than the competition and offer some kind of subscription bonus ...and more »

Here's Another Look At Switch's Limited-Edition Monster Hunter XX Console - GameSpot

This may be your only chance to look at the special-edition system as it's sold out in Japan. Last updated by Kevin Knezevic on June 1, 2017 at 9:47AM. Comments. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. GS News Update: Monster Hunter XX ...and more »