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Israel ahead of Paris talks: Calling Western Wall 'occupied territory' is absurd - Jerusalem Post Israel News

International conference opens with 70 nations participating; Israeli and Palestinian representatives not invited. By RINA BASSIST, Danielle Ziri, Tovah Lazaroff. January 15, 2017 00:28. > Netanyahu: Paris confab 'is rigged' · >. Abbas meets Pope ...and more »

Paris conference ends with endorsement of two-state solution - Jerusalem Post Israel News

The much-discussed Paris Middle East Conference ended Sunday with a rather bland statement reaffirming support for a two-state solution, and a call to stop violence and “ongoing settlement activity.” Some 70 countries and international organizations, ...and more »

World Leaders Push Israel and Trump to Forge a 2-State Deal - New York Times

PARIS — An effort by France to give impetus to the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process through an international conference always faced long odds. But with an incoming American president who has vowed to support Israel no matter what, the ...and more »

Why Trump should move US Embassy to Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post Israel News

It's a wonder that US passports for people born in Israel's holy city don't list them as having entered the world in “Occupied Jerusalem.” By Kenneth Lasson. January 14, 2017 21:52. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. American embassy Israel. The US ...and more »

Analysis: If the US Embassy moves to Jerusalem, are we looking at a new intifada? - Jerusalem Post Israel News

"People need to consider if it's worth one Israeli, Palestinian or American life to move the embassy to Jerusalem.” By Anna Ahronheim. January 16, 2017 01:37. > France says Trump's Jerusalem embassy proposal a provocation · >. Analysis: Paris peace ...and more »

Despite Abstaining in UN Vote on Palestine, US Policy Towards Israel Remains Partisan - The Wire

Overall, the impact of UNSC resolution 2334 condemning Israel's occupation is likely to be greater than it would have been if Tel Aviv had not reacted so petulantly. Despite Abstaining in UN Vote on Palestine, US Policy Towards Israel Remains Partisan.and more »

Only a two-state solution will bring peace to the Middle East. Let's help to realise it - The Guardian

Quiet diplomacy hasn't worked. Britain needs to push for international recognition of Israel and Palestine – and then robustly defend the rights of both. Vincent Fean was a former British consul general to Jerusalem. Fri 13 Jan 2017 05.00 EST Last ...and more »

Opposition to a Jewish state is a legitimate position -

Until May of last year, I was known, or in truth barely known, as a lifelong anti-racism activist, trainer, teacher, writer, and lecturer. As a young woman, I was active in the boycott movement against the apartheid of South Africa. It was a logical ...and more »

Understanding Israel's assessment of ISIS-inspired terrorism - Jerusalem Post Israel News

Jebl Mukaber is also known as a hotbed of jihadi incitement; a neighborhood communal leader said that in the late 1980s the neighborhood became a hotbed of Islamism. By Dan Diker. January 11, 2017 21:58. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Jerusalem ...and more »

Obama, Kerry, and Israeli-Palestinian Realities - Foreign Policy In Focus

President Barack Obama's decision that the U.S. abstain on the vote at the UN Security Council regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Secretary of State John Kerry's talk on the Israeli Palestinian conflict have been attacked too often with ...and more »