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'Whoever leads in AI will rule the world': Putin to Russian children on Knowledge Day - RT

Vladimir Putin spoke with students about science in an open lesson on September 1, the start of the school year in Russia. He told them that “the future belongs to artificial intelligence,” and whoever masters it first will rule the world. “Artificial ...and more »

Putin: Leader in artificial intelligence will rule world - CNBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that whoever reaches a breakthrough in developing artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world. Putin, speaking Friday at a meeting with students, said the development of AI raises "colossal ...and more »

Who Vladimir Putin thinks will rule the world - CNN

(CNN) On the first day of the new school year in Russia, students learned an important lesson directly from their president -- who he thinks will rule the world. Speaking to students during a national "open lesson" from the city of Yaroslavl, northeast ...and more »

Putin 'holiday mansion' revealed by Russian opposition leader - The Guardian

Alexei Navalny publishes footage showing hidden island home he claims is one of president's 'standard corruption schemes'. Howard Amos in Moscow. Thu 31 Aug 2017 10.13 EDT Last modified on Thu 31 Aug 2017 12.16 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share ...and more »

Vladimir Putin: Country That Leads in AI Development “Will be the Ruler of the World” - Futurism

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on Friday at a meeting of students in Yaroslavl, Russia about the development of artificial intelligence (AI). In a rather ominous sounding warning, the leader stated that “the one who becomes the leader in this ...and more »

Teacher for a day: Vladimir Putin lectures Russian schoolchildren - Deutsche Welle

The first of September is a day of celebrations in Russia. It's traditionally the first day of the new school year. Children come to school in their very best clothes, carrying bouquets of flowers for their teachers. The younger girls tie white ribbons ...and more »

Russia Sees Artificial Intelligence as Key to World Domination - Voice of America

The digital arms race between the United States and Russia appears to be accelerating, fueled in part by new comments by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin, speaking to a group of Russian students Friday, called artificial intelligence "not only ...and more »

Putin: Who Controls AI 'Will Be Ruler of the World' - EnterpriseTech

AI alarmism took on a geopolitical cast today as Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that whoever is first to build breakthrough artificial intelligence technology will have world domination. According to a story published by the Associated Press ...and more »

Putin warns North Korea situation on verge of 'large-scale conflict' - Reuters Canada

MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday that the standoff between North Korea and the United States was close to spilling into a large-scale conflict and said it was a mistake to try to pressure Pyongyang into halting its nuclear ...and more »

Russia: Will a Woman Replace Vladimir Putin as President? - Newsweek

The Russian state usually has a hand in the candidates approved to run against President Vladimir Putin in Russia's elections and his most recognizable and vocal critics often find their applications to run for office thrown out. In their place, less ...and more »