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Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Russia has secretly deployed a new cruise missile that American officials say violates a landmark arms control treaty, posing a major test for President Trump as his administration is facing a crisis over its ties to Moscow. The new ...and more »

Russia Has Reportedly Deployed Treaty-Breaking Cruise Missiles - Popular Mechanics

The New York Times reports the Trump Administration has charged Russia with deploying cruise missiles in violation of an arms control treaty between the two countries. The SSC-8 cruise missile is deployed from land and has a range of at least 1,200 ...and more »

This is the ground-launched cruise missile that Russia has reportedly just deployed - Washington Post

On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that Russia had “secretly deployed” at least one operational unit of a ground-launched cruise missile known as the SSC-8. The move, if confirmed, would be a direct violation of a landmark 1987 treaty that banned ...and more »

Russia's Dangerous Nuclear Forces are Back - The National Interest Online (blog)

The United States is claiming that Russia has secretly deployed two battalions of land-based nuclear-tipped cruise missiles in violation of the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. According to the New York Times, U.S ...and more »

Russia violates Cold War treaty with cruise missile test - Deutsche Welle

Russia has deployed a new cruise missile despite previous complaints from Washington that the move violates a key treaty that helped end the Cold War, a senior US official said Tuesday. While the exact date of the launch was not disclosed, Moscow's ...and more »

Russian Actions Seen as Challenging Trump Administration - Voice of America

A secret deployment of a new nuclear-capable missile in apparent violation of an arms control treaty. Russian spy ships lurking 50 kilometers from a U.S. East Coast submarine base while Moscow's jets buzz an American Navy destroyer in the Black Sea.and more »

Putin's Nuclear Provocation Threatens an Arms Race with Trump - Daily Beast

The Russian military has reportedly deployed a new, nuclear-armed cruise missile, in direct violation of a 1987 treaty with the United States that bans hard-to-defeat medium-range, land-based nukes. The deployment of the truck-launched SSC-8 missile ...and more »

Russia deploys missile in apparent treaty violation - CNN

Washington (CNN) Moscow has deployed a cruise missile in an apparent treaty violation, a senior military official told CNN Tuesday. The move is just the latest in a string of Russian provocations in the early days of the Trump administration, which has ...and more »

Russia Deploys New Missiles in Apparent Violation of Arms Treaty - Foreign Policy (blog)

While the White House reeled from a scandal that forced the resignation of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, reports emerged on Tuesday that Russia deployed recently developed cruise missiles, a likely violation of a key arms control treaty, and a ...and more »

What's the real story why the US accuses Russia of INF Treaty violations? - Russia Beyond the Headlines

Citing `anonymous sources,' the New York Times baselessly claimed that Russia secretly deployed new cruise missile systems, which if true, would be an arms reduction treaty violation. Moscow denied the accusations, and Russian experts believe that U.S. ...and more »