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Hannity: 'Beyond Shameful' for Left to Continue to Politicize Las Vegas Massacre - Fox News Insider

In his opening monologue tonight, Sean Hannity called out the left for immediately pushing for gun control following the Las Vegas massacre, and he said it's time for the country to come together. "Democrats, celebrities, liberals in the mainstream ...and more »

'You'll Find Out': Trump Again Teases About a 'Calm Before the Storm' - Fox News Insider

The original comment last night raised eyebrows as Trump posed for a picture with senior military leaders and called the gathering “the calm before the storm.” Read Full Article. When pressed on what he meant by reporters, Trump only said "you'll find ...and more »

'He Had Help': Judge Jeanine Says Las Vegas Massacre Was 'Too Vast for One Guy' - Fox News Insider

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Judge Jeanine said she doesn't believe that Paddock spent years stockpiling weapons and plotting and no one noticed. "Look, there are always telltales," she said, pointing to the level of detail and precision in the ...and more »

Sean Hannity is guilty of “politicizing” mass shootings too - Salon

An inherent vice of politics is hypocrisy. Pick an issue or a story and chances are hypocrisy lingers just around the corner. On Fox News, however, hypocrisy occupies center stage, and Sean Hannity is its frequent co-star. Somehow, he's lionized ...and more »