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Trump Inaugural Drew Big Dollars From Donors With Vested Interests - New York Times

The casino magnate and philanthropist Sheldon G. Adelson wants some big things from the Trump administration: banning the online poker sites that compete with his luxury casinos, for example, and moving the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.and more »

Several prominent sports owners made big donations to Trump's inaugural committee - Sports Illustrated

Several million dollars of the the $107 million raised by Donald Trump's inaugural committee came from owners of American sports teams, the Federal Election Committee disclosed. The donors include owners from each of the four major American ...and more »

Donald Trump inauguration bankrolled by corporate giants - Center for Public Integrity

Numerous corporate powerhouses and individual business titans — including fossil fuel, financial and food and beverage interests with lucrative business before the federal government — helped fund President Donald Trump's inauguration, according to a ...and more »

NFL Owners Rain Cash on Trump Inaugural - Daily Beast

Eight National Football League franchise owners collectively gave millions of dollars to President Donald Trump's inauguration, new disclosures show. Among them: Robert Kraft, owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, who donated $1 ...and more »

250 donors shelled out $100k or more for Trump's inauguration, providing 91% of funds - Center for Responsive Politics

What does it take to stage a welcome-to-the-neighborhood blowout? President Trump raised $107 million for his inaugural festivities, shattering previous records. The former titleholder, Barack Obama, raised half that, $53.2 million, in 2009 — though ...and more »

AT&T gave $2M to Trump's inaugural committee - The Hill

AT&T was among the largest contributors to President Trump's inaugural committee, accounting for more than $2 million of the record-breaking $106.7 million haul. The telecom behemoth gave $2 million in cash contributions, as well as an $82,483 in-kind ...and more »

Trump Raised $107 Million for Inauguration, Doubling Record - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump raised twice as much money for his inauguration festivities as any previous president-elect in history, pulling in tens of millions of dollars from wealthy donors and large corporations eager to woo the nation's new chief ...and more »

Casino Billionaires, NFL Owners Fueled Trump's Record Inaugural Fundraising - Bloomberg

Contributions from billionaires and corporations pushed President Donald Trump's inaugural committee to a new fundraising benchmark of $106.7 million, roughly twice the previous record set by former President Barack Obama's first inauguration. Among ...and more »

Trump shatters fundraising record with $107 million for inauguration - CNN

Washington (CNN) Corporations and wealthy Americans poured nearly $107 million into the festivities surrounding Donald Trump's ascension to the presidency, doubling the previous inaugural fundraising record set eight years ago. Organizers announced ...and more »

Trump's inaugural committee raised a record $106.7 million — here's who donated - CNBC

Major corporations and business titans fueled a record fundraising haul for President Donald Trump's inauguration in January, according to newly released disclosures. The president's inaugural committee raised $106.7 million, about double what was ...and more »