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Why Clinging to Cluster Munitions is Fatal to Public Acceptance - Human Rights Watch

Today's armed conflicts are generating an increasing number of devastating photos and videos of violence and its victims, usually civilians. Such images do not have to depict lifeless or badly wounded people to have an impact. One photo that tells a ...and more »

Cluster Munition Monitor 2017 - Reliefweb

Cluster munition attacks spike casualty toll as world shows steadfast resolve for humanitarian ban. (Geneva, 31 August 2017) – States are continuing to ratify and implement the international treaty prohibiting cluster munitions while new use of these ...and more »

Cluster Munitions: Steady Progress Toward Eradication - Human Rights Watch

(Geneva) – Most countries are making steady progress to eradicate cluster munitions, but stronger effort is required to deter use in countries that have not joined the international treaty to ban these weapons, Human Rights Watch said today during the ...and more »

Casualties From Cluster Bombs More Than Doubled Last Year, Treaty Monitor Says - New York Times

Casualties from cluster munitions, internationally outlawed weapons that kill indiscriminately, more than doubled in 2016 compared with the previous year, a disarmament group that monitors their use reported on Thursday. The group, the Cluster Munition ...and more »

Swiss on track to eliminate cluster bombs stockpile -

Cluster munitions are deployed from the air or launched from the ground and release hundreds of smaller sub-munitions but are imprecise and unreliable, killing and injuring even after conflicts are over. (Keystone). Switzerland destroyed tens of ...and more »

Casualties from cluster munitions doubled in 2016 - BBC News

The number of casualties caused by cluster munitions in 2016 was more than double that recorded the previous year, a disarmament group says. A new report by the Cluster Munition Coalition found 971 people were killed or injured globally last year, with ...and more »

Report: Cluster Munitions in Syria, Yemen Increase Civilian Casualties - Voice of America

A report released ahead of next week's U.N. conference on the Convention on Cluster Munitions has condemned the continued use of cluster munitions by Syria and Yemen. They are the only two countries that still use the bombs, which are banned under ...and more »

2017 Cluster Munition Monitor Report: Sharp rise in casualties - Reliefweb

Published on the 31st August, The 2017 Cluster Munition Monitor report, reveals a sharp rise in the number of new casualties of cluster munitions, which more than doubled between 2015 and 2016. Handicap International is calling on States to enforce ...and more »