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IDF strikes Syrian targets after two projectiles hit Israel within an hour - The Jerusalem Post

The IDF struck a canon belonging to Bashar Assad's regime in Syria in retaliation for errant fire from the internal fighting in Syria that spilled over into Israeli territory twice on Saturday, the military confirmed. The target that was hit is ...and more »

Israel inching closer to a war nobody wants - +972 Magazine

By Asher Kaufman. Illustrative photo of soldiers at the Israeli - Lebanese border (Hamad Almakt/Flash 90. Illustrative photo of soldiers at the Israeli – Lebanese border (Hamad Almakt/Flash 90). At the annual Herzliya Conference last week, the head of ...and more »

The Signal in Syria's Noise - War on the Rocks

The war in Syria can seem impossibly complicated. Depending on the level of detail or abstraction you apply, there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of individual factions and sub-factions vying for control of part or all of Syria. Yet those thousands ...and more »

US Should Stand Off In Syria; Not A Core Interest - Breaking Defense

After a U.S. F-18 shot down a Syrian fighter-bomber last week, Assad's ally, Russia, declared that it would consider shooting down any U.S. aircraft west of the Euphrates river. The White House defiantly declared the US would defend itself if attacked ...and more »

How US Military-Industrial Complex Forming Trump's Syrian Policy - Sputnik International

The Trump administration is likely to follow in Barack Obama's footsteps pushing ahead with the idea to oust Syrian President Assad, Russian scholar Vladimir Sotnikov told RIA Novosti, adding that the Syrian Arab Army's successes don't fit into the ...and more »

Make No Mistake, We Are Already at War in Syria - The American Conservative

Something peculiar happens to American presidents after they take office on January 20. Campaign promises to right the easily perceived misdirections in foreign policy are abandoned, and the new program for dealing with the rest of the world winds up ...and more »

Iranian Missile Launch Shows Israeli Deterrence Is Working - LobeLog

by Shemuel Meir. An extraordinary strategic event took place last week in the Middle East, when Iran launched surface-to-surface missiles against targets in Syria. This was the first-ever missile strike directed by Iran at a country bordering on Israel ...and more »

Spillover from Syrian civil war strikes Israel for fifth time in 1 week - The Jerusalem Post mobile website

The IDF said Saturday that a projectile launched from Syria hit an open area in the Northern Golan Heights. No injuries were reported in the event. "The errant projectile is a result of internal fighting in Syria," the IDF said in a statement. The IDF ...and more »

Golan: Where Druze, Settlers And Tourists Cross Paths - Worldcrunch

Occupied by Israel for fifty years, the area on the Syrian border is a favorite destination for Israeli tourists. But most of the Druze who have lived there for generations do not feel Israeli. Serge Dumont. LE TEMPS. 2017-07-03. English edition ...and more »

More Errant Syrian Mortar Shells Fall on Golan -

Three mortar shells fell on the Golan Heights on Shabbos afternoon, the result of more errant fire from clashes between the Syrian Army and rebel groups on the Syrian side of the border. There were no injuries or damage in the incident. IDF planes ...and more »