Syria's Opposition Wants Trump to 'Drive a Wedge' Between Iran and Russia - Bloomberg

The last person in the world one would expect to support Donald Trump's coming outreach to Russia would be Abdul Ilah Fahad. He is the secretary general of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. His side has been bombed ...and more »

Making Sense of Donald Trump. Creating a Divide between Russia and China - Center for Research on Globalization

A month has passed since Donald Trump was declared president-elect soon to be the 45th president of the United States. Since his win, pundits, analysts, and experts continue to debate the victory – a surprise to most. While the reason/s for this ...and more »

Team Trump Is Backing Iran, a Regime They Supposedly Hate - Daily Beast

Trump wants to work with Russia. He wants to contain Iran. But in Syria and elsewhere, Russia and Iran are one and the same team. Michael Weiss. 12.14.16 10:13 PM ET. In 2007, an Iranian-backed Shia militia known as Asaib Ahl al-Haq kidnapped and ...and more »

Wrong for media to describe Syrian conflict a 'civil war' - Miami Herald

In the past five years, Syria has become many things: a refugee crisis, a regional quagmire, a Western nightmare, a terrorist haven, a Russian power play and the core of Iran's ambitions. To the international community, however, it's a civil war. The ...and more »

Will an Emboldened Syria Attack Israel? - Observer

The most worrisome byproduct of Russia's involvement in Syria is that Russia's very presence has emboldened dictator Bashar Al Assad. Russia now occupies a prominent place at the center of the theater of Syrian operations. That presence has given the ...and more »

Surge of Russian influence in Middle East at US expense - Modern Diplomacy

merican efforts to support the opposition by arming them directly and through Arab nations have brought Russian forces there and now Russia is firmly footed in Syria, influencing Arab nations and Israel. With which it coordinates certain terror operations.and more »

The Foreign Policy To-Do List - Patriot Post

After his inauguration, Donald Trump's first priority has to be taking care of the Islamic State, and by taking care of, we mean bombing the [crap] out of those terrorists and sending them running. That addresses some immediate needs on the foreign ...and more »

Russia Backing Up Syria, Iran A Threat To Israel; 400-Year-Old Prophecy Warns The Israeli Government Over Russian ... - Jobs & Hire

The growing tension and war outbreaks in the Middle East are obviously becoming more alarming and distressing. Though Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a casual friendship, it seemed like they are ...and more »