Tax Authority probing US accounts held by Israelis - Globes

The US Internal Revenue Service has given the Israel Tax Authority data on over 35,000 Israelis with US bank accounts. Should 35,000 Israelis start worrying that the Israel Tax Authority might knock on their doors in the near future? The Tax Authority ...and more »

Israel and US Begin Sharing Data in Crackdown on Tax Evasion - Haaretz

The Israel Tax Authority says Americans have provided information on 35,000 accounts held by Israelis in the U.S. and on an unspecified number of American accounts in Israel. Efrat Neuman. Jan 17, 2017 6:35 AM. 0comments Print Zen Subscribe now.and more »

Audit-Trigger Alert: These Tax Filing Mistakes Will Get You On the IRS's Radar -

It's tax season, and Uncle Sam has his spotlight out, looking for these IRS transgressions. Brian O'Connell. Follow. Jan 17, 2017 11:25 AM EST. For tax filers, the onus is on them to know what the IRS is looking for this year in terms of crazy ...and more »

Israel Tax Authority: FATCA Working Both Ways, US Accounts Belonging to Israelis Reviewed - The Jewish Press -

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a 2010 United States federal law requiring all non-US financial institutions to turn over to Uncle Sam their records of the assets and identities of US citizens living abroad to the Department of the Treasury ...and more »

US shares details of 35000 accounts with Israel under Fatca - International Adviser

America's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has shared details of more than 35,000 US accounts held by Israeli citizens with the Israel Tax Authority (ITA), according to local media. Print · US shares details of 35,000 accounts with Israel under Fatca.and more »

FATCA Fallout: US Sends Info About Israeli Accounts to Tax Man -

YERUSHALAYIM - The FATCA deal works both ways. While the motivation for Israel to sign the deal with the U.S. Treasury was to track down Americans who had unreported bank accounts in Israel and disclose that information to American authorities – or ...and more »

FATCA and Common Reporting Standard in Kuwait – SPECIAL REPORT - Kuwait Times

The Financial Account Tax Compliance Act ('FATCA'), spearheaded by the United States Internal Revenue Services ('IRS') has been in play since 2014. The aim of FATCA is to identify individuals who are US residents/citizens and using financial accounts ...and more »