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To understand Germany today, compare it with 1968 - The Economist (blog)

IN GERMANY, as in France, America and elsewhere, 1968 is as much a shorthand as a reality. Yes, there were the crowd scenes: the sit-ins at the Free University in West Berlin and the mass protests in Bonn; the shooting of Rudi Dutschke, a student ...and more »

Angela Merkel warns against east-west division over AfD rise - Deutsche Welle

Chancellor Merkel has cautioned Germans against playing the blame game over the success of the AfD party in last week's election. Support for the far-right populists was strongest in the former communist East. An AfD campaign flag - AfD (picture ...and more »

Frauke Petry, former AfD leader, eyes separate political group - Deutsche Welle

Petry, ex-co-chair of the far-right AfD, plans to form a new grouping at regional and federal levels. Petry, who quit the party after its election upswing last week, also worked to distance herself from Islamophobia. Frauke Petry (picture-alliance/dpa ...and more »

Germany's 'Trump country:' Why small towns abandoned mainstream parties for far right - USA TODAY

DORFCHEMNITZ, Germany — Retired farmer Gerd Mazanec normally votes for one of Germany's mainstream parties. But in last Sunday's parliamentary elections, he cast his ballot for the far-right Alternative For Germany (AfD). Mazanec's complaint ...and more »

AfD's success comparable with the rise of the Nazis -

Jews must speak out about the German general election result, says Moshe Zimmermann. The Israeli government, on the other hand, prefers to look the other way. In interview with Sarah Judith Hofmann, the German-Israeli historian explains why. share ...and more »

Handling the Alternative for Germany - Foreign Affairs

“We will hunt her,” Alexander Gauland exclaimed to a crowd of supporters in Berlin late on September 24. “We will hunt Mrs. Merkel and whomever else. And we will take our country and our people back.” Gauland's party, the right-wing Alternative for ...and more »

How artists in east Germany fight the rise of the far right - Deutsche Welle

The far-right AfD party did astonishingly well in the state of Saxony. In cities like Pirna and Görlitz, theaters and orchestras use art to combat the populist party, teaching children and teens about tolerance. Deutschland Skulptur «Monument» in ...and more »

The rise of far-right populists in Germany - Deutsche Welle

For decades Germany's industrial Ruhr region was a Social Democratic stronghold. In some districts the SPD used to win 60 percent of the votes. That vote has been cut in half, and the far-right populist AfD party has made inroads. Error loading player ...and more »

Hopes fade for meaningful eurozone reform - Kathimerini

In July I wrote that in the general election that took place on September 24, Chancellor Angela Merkel could be “re-elected with a mandate to say no to Macron.” What I meant was that the German public looked set to give an endorsement to Merkel's ...and more »

Only respect for the 'left behind' can turn the populist tide - The Guardian

Members of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) at a rally in Binz, Germany. Photograph: John Macdougall/AFP/Getty Images. To those premature pundits who assured us that the global populist wave was already receding, Germany has just ...and more »